Acclaimed singer and renowned celebrity across the world Fran Sinatra Jr. passed away on Wednesday while he was on tour, allegedly from a heart attack. He was 72 years old. Son of the legendary music giant Frank Sinatra, Frank Jr. died while he was on tour in Florida according to the Associated Press report.

The singer followed his father’s steps into greatness as he continued his musical legacy. Apparently, Sinatra Jr. died at a Daytona Beach hospital in Florida due to a massive heart attack, said a CNN report. His son, Michael Sinatra, as well as his sister Nancy Sinatra, dearly remember the gifted singer.

Frank Sinatra Jr. died at age 72, apparently due to a heart attack. Credit:

The singer’s sister posted the news of his demise on Facebook, alongside with some touchy words about him. At the end of the post, she added, “Sleep warm, Frankie.” Sinatra Jr. was known to focus on his father’s music catalogue on his latest string of concerts.

And nobody could perform the songs by Frank Sinatra better than his own son. According to many musicians that worked with him over the years, including Sinatra Jr.’s guitarist Jim Fox, the singer could sound exactly like Frank Sinatra senior if he wanted to, yet he preferred giving it a little personal touch.

As the son of the worldwide famous Frank Sinatra, Frank Jr. had the opportunity to take in all that it was a concert led by Sinatra and even had the chance to conduct for him at one point. Amazingly enough, Frank Jr. was also capable of executing the Great American Songbook, showing he was as gifted with his voice as his father before him.

This allowed Frank Jr. to not only being able to reproduce his father’s music to extreme detail, but also take what he learned and add his own personal touch to his music, without lowering the high standards Sinatra was known to reach.

The unknown aspects of Frank Jr’s life

An unknown fact about his life for the vast majority of people is that Sinatra Jr. was also an actor. He performed in TV shows including The Love Boat and Family Guy, as well as in flicks such as Hollywood Homicide.

However, his most famous performance and the one mostly remembered by fans was his appearance on the show The Sopranos. Sinatra Jr. played as himself on the legendary New Jersey gangster drama, showing a different side of the singer as his performance is considered his most famous TV appearance.

Frank Junior also had the opportunity to nurture from his father in concerts as he had a strong presence during his father’s last year performing. He was able to act as Frank Sinatra’s bandleader, so it was a fact that Frank Jr. had what it takes to sing his father’s songs with the same high standards as the music legend.

The deceased Frank Sinatra Jr. was quite wealthy as well, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He’s worth over $50 million. In addition to this, Sinatra Jr. also had the rights to his father’s sheet music, which gave him more wealth than money can buy.

Source: CNN