On Thursday, it was announced that ProtonMail, a company devoted to encrypted email, is dropping the beta tag and launching free apps for both iOS and Android devices in the Apple App Store as well as in Google Play Store.

Although the service was released in an invite-only beta version, the service developed by CERN and MIT scientists will surely show a promising outlook.

ProtonMail, the end-to-end encrypted mail service, will soon be available for iOS and Android. Credit: TechCrunch

ProtonMail is a free and open-sourced email service capable of protecting the user’s privacy and secure data from any threat. As security systems continue to leap forward regarding its effectiveness, hacking enthusiasts also continue to improve their methods in order to crack the system’s protection.

By focusing its messaging service around the user’s security, the encrypted email company can assure the user’s privacy. The company basically offers an end-to-end encrypted email service.

Ever since online surveillance by governments and other agencies were revealed – thanks to a major part of Snowden’s revelations – the demand for encrypted data transmissions has increased significantly.

The vast majority of web security protocols rely on RSA encryption, where access to data is secured with two keys. The first key or “encryption key” is public while the other is the “decryption key” that keeps the information secret.

 Encryption for all

ProtonMail will offer a particular feature to its users as the company will store all of the users’ email messages encrypted, preventing even the company from reading any private information. According to the team, there will be no metadata collected.

Interestingly enough, the encrypted email company ProtonMail aims to improve previous security protocols, and in this case, improve means to simplify. Each account has two passwords: the first one authenticates the user, while the second one is never transmitted.

The cryptosystem used to code information could possibly become obsolete in a matter of years, considering the rapid evolution of technology. Yet ProtonMail is getting ahead of the storm as it has gradually implemented new features from appearance customization to highly enhanced security protocols.

Source: Engadget