Despite the recent injury problems that have plagued Los Angeles Lakers star shooting guard Kobe Bryant, the 5 time NBA champion has no plans to retire any time soon, despitehaving undergone surgery to repair his rotator cuff, a surgery that will keep Bryant sidelined for the rest of the year.

Kobe has said that he is looking for a career rebirth, drawing inspiration from the San Antonio Spurs and the fact that thwy are still winning and playing at a high level despite being led by the oldest core group in the NBA.

“I can’t say it is the end,” Bryant said during the interview, which aired Monday night. “I thought the Spurs were done 20 years ago. Those guys are still winning.”

“So, to answer the question, I can’t say this is the end of my era because I thought their [era] was done, and they’re still there. So I’m hoping I can have the same rebirth.”

Kobe has a reputation for being an extremely hard working, and an incredible competitor. When asked what what his motivation to return to an NBA court was, Kobe responded, “The process of it. I want to see if I can. I don’t know if I can. I want to find out. I want to see,” Bryant said. “What I’m going to do is do what I always do: I’m going to break everything down to its smallest form, smallest detail, and go after it day by day. Just one day at a time.”

Between the injury to his right rotator cuff this season and the fact that he could only play in 6 games last season after recovering from a torn Achilles Tendon, the fact that Kobe still has the desire to return and play shows an impressive amount of desire and drive, and if there is anybody who can have this kind of comeback, it is certainly Kobe Bryant.