Former New York Knicks power forward, Amar’e Stoudemire, after being bought out of his contract with the Knciks is set to join the Dallas Mavericks if he clears waivers, which is likely considering the $23.4 million price tag that would come with picking him up on the waiver wire.

The earliest Stoudemire will clear waivers will be Wednesday at 5 PM, and he is slated to join a true contender in the Western Conference and give them a major boost off the bench, and provide the Mavericks with some much needed size as well.

The Mavericks weren’t the only team interested in acquiring the services of Stoudemire, who at one time was considered one of the best big men in the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers, and the Phoenix Suns, Stoudemire’s old team, were both interested in signing Stoudemire as well.

The big reason for Stoudemire requesting the buy our from the Knicks is because Stoudemire has a desire to play for a championship, something that the Knicks, who have played to an NBA worst 10-42 so far this season, were in no position to do.

“I feel truly blessed to have been able to play for the incredible New York fans, Mr. Dolan, my coaches, teammates and the entire Knicks organization for the past five years,” Stoudemire said in a statement released by the team. “I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to contribute positively on the court and in the community.”

“Although I leave the Knicks with a heavy heart, I wish the organization the best of luck. Once a Knick always a Knick.”

Stoudemire will only be recieving the veterans minimum this season in Dallas, but is certain to be excited to join a team that poses a significant chance to make a deep run into the playoffs and be contenders for a championship.