In Chicago, the driver of a doggy day care van came outside only to find the minivan gone. Not only did the criminal take the van but the six pet dogs inside. Now, owners are frantically trying to locate their dogs, hoping they can be found safe and sound.

One owner whose three-year-old miniature schnauzer is missing spent yesterday driving around Chicago looking for his beloved pet. However, according to authorities, this is just one of six dogs that were inside the minivan owned by Urban Out Sitters doggy day care.

According to Chicago police, just before 4:00 pm, two men carrying guns stole the minivan, which was reportedly running with no driver inside, just the dogs. One person who witnessed the incident stepped forward to stop the men when one pointed an gun. At that point, the men fled quickly from the scene.

Fortunately, no humans were injured but now there is concern over the pets. In a statement from Joseph Giannini who owns Urban Out Setters, the dogs were being driven to their respective homes after spending a fun day at the doggy day care. Urban Out Setters is a company that provides a list of services to include pet boarding, walking, and day care.

The owner of the schnauzer received a message from his wife via text explaining that their pet had been kidnapped. The husband told ABC News today that after receiving the message, he was confused so he called only to learn what had transpired. Even now, he says he cannot comprehend the situation…that it feels surreal.

After talking to someone at the doggy day care, the couple immediately filed a police report, providing as much information about their pet, Mochi, possible. However, they felt frustrated more than anything, believing the police had no interest in helping.

The couple returned to the doggy day care to find the owners of the other dogs there. It was then they decided to take their quest to the public, asking people to help find the van so the dogs can be returned home safely.

In a statement to ABC News, the owner of Urban Out Sitters said that he too had spent hours driving around Chicago looking for any of the dogs but he saw and heard nothing. He also stated that he is completely devastated and are doing everything to find the lost pets. The problem is that there are few resources to help so the families are working as a team.

The missing van is a 2002 silver Chrysler Town & Country, bearing an Illinois license plate R188669. The Chicago police stated that if anyone sees the van, not to approach as the men who took it are considered armed and dangerous. If the van is spotted, people are being asked to call the police at 312-744-8200.