United Kingdom – Lindsay Lohan, 30, claimed on Twitter last week that she was expecting, amid an explosive rant towards her fiancé Egor Tarabasov, 23. However, the actress has been seen relaxing on a luxury yacht, fishing, drinking beer and smoking with her friend Hofit Golan, after fleeing from her London apartment.

Her father, Michael Lohan, added fuel to the fire by claiming that Lohan confirmed the news to him in a text. However, her inner circle deny the information.

Although there are rumors saying that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant with her fiancé Egor Tarabasov, the actress has been seen relaxing on a luxury yacht, fishing, drinking beer and smoking. Photo credit: Just Jared
Although there are rumors saying that Lindsay Lohan is pregnant with her fiancé Egor Tarabasov, the actress has been seen relaxing on a luxury yacht, fishing, drinking beer and smoking. Photo credit: Just Jared

The socialité Hofit Golan wrote a post on Instagram last Thursday supporting her friend.

“There’s no truth to any of these speculations and stories,” she said.

Additionally, an insider told The Sun that her father is spreading lies, and that Lohan just claimed she was pregnant to get a reaction.

Another unnamed close friend also claims that Lohan isn’t pregnant, according to PEOPLE.

At any rate, the image of supposedly-pregnant Lohan smoking and drinking alcohol has garnered criticism.

Her father has jumped in her defense; claiming that his mother smoked through all her pregnancies and that they babies (including himself) did not have any malformations, and that Lohan is going through a lot of stress, hence her smoking.

The risks of smoking and drinking during pregnancy

New York Daily News cites Dr. Iffath Hoskins, an expert in fetal medicine, who stresses the fact that babies born from smoking mothers tend to be born prematurely, with lung and brain damage, and have a higher risk of suffering Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and other birth defects.

Hoskins also criticizes Michael Lohan’s logic, but gives hope in the fact that, should Lohan be truly pregnant, she can always stop smoking: there is no window too late during pregnancy to stop.

On the other hand, many issues can arise from drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

It can lead to complications such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and prematurity, and there is no “safe level” of alcohol at any moment of the pregnancy.

The baby might be born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, which include cognitive and behavioral issues; problems in the heart, kidney and bones; difficulties with hearing or vision; abnormal facial features, small head size, low body weight, and being shorter than average.

Three day long meltdown

On July 22, Lohan recorded a Snapchat video, rambling incoherently about Tarabasov being angry at her, and that she was “drinking water” so he could come home.

The next day she uploaded a picture on Instagram, with Tarabasov’s face scribbled out and claimed it was “art”.

Then, she went to her Twitter account and started ranting about Tarabasov being with a prostitute, tagging Russian President Vladimir Putin and Republican candidate Donald Trump in the post.

The alleged prostitute is Dasha Pashevkina, Tarabasov’s friend and the one that first introduced the couple.

Finally, Lohan made the pregnancy announcement by posting a still of her 2009 movie Labour Pains.

On Sunday things got really serious, when Lohan started screaming around 5:00 AM, loud enough to wake up her neighbors, who recorder the incident.

In the video sold to The Sun, Lohan can be seen in the balcony of her London apartment screaming that Tarabasov wanted to kill her. The screams got so terrifying somebody called the police, who had to break into the apartment. The police officers stated the house was found empty.

On July 25 the starlet left the apartment and has been on a yacht vacation in France and Italy ever since.

The next day she uploaded another picture on Instagram, stating she was taking “time for herself” and that her attitude came out of fear and sadness.

Apart from supporting her daughter supposed pregnancy and her actions, Michael Lohan has also threatened Tarabasov regarding the couple’s problems.

According to TMZ, Mr. Lohan sent Tarabasov various text messages, where he urged him to return the jewelry he “stole from her”. Mr. Lohan also told Tarabasov, to face him “like a man” or he will not have “nowhere to hide”.

A troubled life

Lohan first jump  fame was when she was 11, in the Disney movie The Parent Trap. Five years later she appeared on another Disney movie, Freaky Friday. But it was not until Mean Girls, in 2004, that Lohan became a teen idol sensation. Sadly, her personal life soon started falling apart.

In 2007 she entered into rehab three times, and was arrested twice, for drunk driving and drug possession. She was ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet.

Three years later Lohan was sentenced to jail for violating her probation and later in that year she started rehabilitation for the fourth and fifth time.

In 2011 she is considered guilty of grand theft and sent to house arrest, in November of that same year is again sentenced to jail.

Two years later she entered rehab in two more occasions, and had tried to keep a low profile, even though she had been arrested for “misdemeanors” a couple of times.

Source: People