New York City – A naked 21-year-old man, stood at the top of the TKTS booth in NYC at the beginning of the day, distracting tourists and citizens on their way to work. Police officers and firefighters tried to persuade the man for 50 min before he jumped off the booth. He is now being treated for his injuries.

“The naked crazy guy” as social media is calling him, was identified as Krit McClean, who started to walk New York city’s streets as he took off his clothes. Witnesses claim he began undressing at 45th St.

Naked man screams for Trump
A naked man surprised everyone at Times Square when he got up in a booth and started calling out for Donald Trump. Credit:

McClean stood at the top of the TKTS booth avoiding police officers, mocking them, spitting and cursing at them as the crowds watched. Wesley Ahlgren, a Periscope user, located at the Marriott Renaissance had a perfect view of the man and started a live stream video.

Authorities and media have identified McClean as a former model, who appeared on the cover of GQ magazine and walked the runway for Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. The former model entertained the crowd by blowing kisses and shouting for Donald Trump.

‘A regular morning’ in NYC

Social media users are assuring this is just a common day at Times Square, claiming that is not rare finding a naked man running down the city’s streets. Other witnesses say they were concerned for McClean’s well-being.

New York Police Department officers (NYPD), tried to persuade the 21-year-old to come down the booth and avoid getting hurt. Yet, McClean mocked the officers and entertained the crowd. Authorities later assured the man was “emotionally unstable.”

“I see a lot of crazy guys in Times Square, but nothing like this,” said a ticket agent called Alpha Blade to the NY daily news.

The NY Daily News reports, McClean living on Roosevelt Island with his parents and being a polite common man. However, on Thursday morning he appeared to be upset about something and even insulted the doorman at the building.

Krit’s girlfriend stood down the booth screaming at him to get down as authorities blew up a safe-landing platform, to avoid injuries. Meanwhile, Krit screamed, “Donald Trump, where are you?”

The morning show ended when the 21-year-old threw himself from the TKTS booth and avoided the landing platform, breaking his arm and giving authorities the chance to capture him after 50 minutes.

Krit was strapped to a stretcher and sent in an ambulance to Bellevue Hospital to treat his injuries. According to authorities, he will receive psychiatric treatment and evaluations to learn what led him to act in such a way.

McClean was a Thailand native and went to an elite high school called Stuyvesant and it appears was studying at Columbia University.

Source: NY Daily News