The Republican candidate, Donald Trump is making headlines again, this time, concerning his spent of campaign resources on repaying the loans he made to his primary election.  GOP donors have backed on the candidate’s fundraising after the numbers were published.

Trump’s fundraising numbers have become the most discrepant in the recent political election history when being compared to Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Recently Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was fired, and the numbers emerged on the news.

Trump Vows to Protect 2nd Amendment at NRA Conference. Credit: Business Insider

Donald Trump has stated in the past few months, and he has personally contributed to his campaign with over  $50 millions, yet assured GOP donors the money was a contribution and not a loan to the campaign.

Lewandowski also confirmed the candidate’s fundraising wouldn’t be used to repay Trump and the investments he made.  The candidate also approved on May the statements, by ensuring he had contributed with the money to “make America great again,” referring to his campaign slogan.

These statements were directed straight to GOP donors who found themselves hesitating on investing in the candidate that had put his money for the party.  Trump’s fundraising numbers have been lowering ever since.

At the beginnings of June, the candidate had raised $1.3 million, and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had raised $41 million in the same month. Which is described by the NY Daily News as the “ single worst fundraising discrepancy between two major party nominees in recent history.”

Concerning numbers for GOP donors

Trump’s recent numbers are not showing the candidates money on the party as contributions, but more as loans, especially the last $2.2 million he invested in the GOP campaign. This has GOP donors and the general public doubting the candidate’s intention of paying himself back.

Trump will hold rally in Atlanta
Donald Trump will hold a rally on Wednesday noon at the Fox Theatre in midtown Atlanta. Credit: CNN

In the past trimester of the presidential campaign, Trump and Lewandowski assured the money being raised will also be used as a contribution to more causes, they described it as a gift somewhere in the future, which many saw as a donation for charities or similar actions.

Nonetheless, the ‘gift’ topic hasn’t been mentioned by Trump or by his campaign advocates. Recent numbers have shown Trump spending money on companies under his name for his family and travel expenses.

Currently, Trump’s fundraising numbers are lower than both John McCain and Mitt Romney had at this point of the election when competing against Barack Obama. Both republicans and democrats are talking about the investments and loans the current Republican candidate is making.

Source:  NY Daily News