Las Vegas, Nevada — Donald Trump on Saturday claimed most of the money he has been collecting at his recent fundraisers will go to the Republican Party, but if GOP does not support him, he threatens to self-fund his campaign.

At this moment, Donald Trump said that he is raising a lot of money for the Republican Party, and a lot of beneficiaries to that, which is something he enjoys. He said that the GOP have to help him with his campaign. Otherwise, he will just keep doing what he has been doing so far; he will just keep funding his campaign.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's latest comments were directed to its supporters, as he says he will self-fund his campaign if needed. Image Credit:  US News
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s latest comments were directed to its supporters, as he says he will self-fund his campaign if needed. Image Credit: US News

On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he would not tell House members to vote for Trump because they should vote their conscience.

30 GOP delegates want to oust Trump at the convention

According to The Washington Post, 30 delegates from 15 states will attend the GOP convention in Cleveland this July to oust Trump from his presumptive party’s nomination. Their aim is to amend the Republican Party bylaws at the meeting to include a “conscience rule” that would allow bound delegates to Trump through his primary wins to vote for their preferred candidate instead.

The Republican representative from Colorado Kendal Unruh told Post that this is an ‘Anybody but Trump’ movement.  Unruh, who is leading the campaign, also said that nobody has any idea who is going to step in and be the nominee, but that they are not worried about that.

“The 30 delegates are just doing that job to make sure that Trump will be not the face of our party,” said Unruh on a press release.

In an interview with NBC News, Unruh acknowledged that they hadn’t tapped any candidate, but said the effort would continue in hopes so a candidate could eventually emerge.

In Las Vegas, Saturday Trump denied the GOP efforts to oust him at the convention. He said it was a hoax made up by the press. Also, in response to the growing movement to change GOP’s rules, Trump also stated that it is illegal for GOP members to oust him. Trump claimed that they cannot do that and that the entire party has almost collected 14 million votes in the primary system.

Regarding the probability of GOP to nominee someone else, Trump said in a very aggressive tone that he will beat whoever the Republican Party wants to pick.

“Who were they going to pick? I’ve beat everybody,” Trump said. “But I don’t mean beat, I beat the hell out of them, right? Beat the hell out of them.”

Source: NBC News