Trump’s campaign in Las Vegas involved a rally that was held on Saturday at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. The event started in the morning and about 1,500 people were expected to attend, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, although an important part of the room allegedly remained empty during the entire rally. The event took about 3 hours, but Mr. Trump’s actual presentation took less than 2 hours.

During the rally, two people were removed and one man was arrested. Michael Sandford, a 19-year-old, attempted to take a police officer’s firearm. Allegedly, Standford tried to convince the officer he was trying to get an autograph and during the conversation tried to disarm him. He will face formal charges but the arrest was not something very relevant at the venue.

Mr. Trump stated in the rally that his opponent from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, had not the integrity to be president. Credit: International Business Times

Protesters around the corner

Outside the venue, some protesters shouted statements against Donald Trump. Several Nevada political groups published in social networks and local press their rejection to Donald Trump’s ideas. However, the rally stayed peaceful even with the protesters outside.

Anti-Trump rallies have been held across the country. In Phoenix, protesters put an inflatable Donald Trump wearing Ku Klux Klan robes and a giant sign that reads “Make America Hate Again.” Protesters are usually representing immigrant rights, environment activists, and civil rights groups that consider Trump as a symbol of racism and hatred.

There is actually an organized movement of Anti-Trump protesters.

“We believe Trump is a grave threat to democracy, freedom, human rights, equality, and the welfare of our country and all our people. To call out Donald Trump for his hatred, misogyny, Islamaphobia, and racism and to give platform for the voices of the silent majority of Americans who do not and will not stand for it,” is something that the movement stated in their official petition to stop Trump’s nomination.

Trump in Las Vegas

Mr. Trump stated in the rally that his opponent from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, had not the integrity to be president; while he encouraged Bernie Sanders to continue in the presidential race “and fight until the end.” The rally was full of attacks against the Clinton campaign.

The event started with Trump’s staff claiming that America needs a president that makes it great again since in the current America, according to the Trump campaign, is a country where people can not afford health care, can not be protected from terrorism threats and where citizens are stuck.

The message of “not sharing America” with people that do not share American values was constantly repeated in the rally, among other ideas Mr. Trump have been establishing during the entire 2016 campaign. Trump’s team made a 1-hour introduction where the main focus were the critics against traditional politics and the way America has been handled the last few years.

With an almost showbiz entrance, full of music and some light effects, Mr. Trump said to his followers that the venue was not full because of the Hotel’s politics, but thousands of people were in line outside just waiting to get in, because, he stated, his followers are part of a giant movement across the country. Indeed, Donald J. Trump had raised in the primaries more votes than ever before in the history of the Republican Party.

Source: KTNV