Rio declares financial chaos ahead of Olympics. Government authorities say the situation might threaten a proper hosting for the Olympic Games.

Francisco Dornelles, the acting Governor of Rio de Janeiro, has declared a financial state of emergency just two months before the Olympic Games. In a statement, Dornelles said that the country is facing “an economic collapse” that threatens to stop the city from hosting the 2016 Olympics.

This year's Olympics could be facing more than uncertainty considering Rio's state of emergency could mean the event may be postponed, or cancelled. Image Credit: IBT
This year’s Olympics could be facing more than uncertainty considering Rio’s state of emergency could mean the event may be postponed, or canceled. Image Credit: IBT

After declaring a state of emergency on Friday, Dornelles requested nearly $900 million in federal emergency funds due to the unsustainable economic crisis caused, among other reasons, to last Brazil’s deepest recession, Zika outbreak and the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

Nevertheless, Mayor Eduardo Da Costa Paes went on Twitter and wrote a statement assuring there wouldn’t be any delay.

 “In no way delays the delivery of Olympic projects and the promises assumed by the city of Rio,” wrote Da Costa Paes.

Further, da Costa Paes affirmed that there is no such bad financial situation and that even though it might be true, it is not the first time Rio faces difficult times and comes out on top. Mayor added that the country works on infrastructure and inaugurate them almost every week.

Total collapse in Rio’s public services

Rio is facing a critical economic situation that has affected its most essential public services. Hospitals are allegedly turning away patients because they do not count with medical supplies nor installations to treat them. What’s worst, Zika virus is lashing Brazilians in a moment when adequate medical care cannot be provided by Government’s health institutions.

Police stations have been asking people to donate necessary supplies to resolve primary needs. Even Government employees and pensioners are not receiving their wages because there is no state budget to meet the demand.

As per Rio’s acting Governor the country is going through a financial crisis that leads to several difficulties in essential public services, such alarming situation could cause the total collapse of public health care, educational system, security, urban mobility and environmental management.

2016 Rio’s Olympic Games walk the tightrope

Considering the economic outlook provided by Rio’s acting Governor and the financial help begged by his administration, the Game’s hosting doesn’t seem to be in the best shape to receive 500,000 tourists next August.

Rio’s situation has stirred up worldwide concerns not only because some aspects should have been covered by the time, but also because some athletes fear for their health while being in Brazilian territory. In fact, some of them have already dropped out because of the dangerous effects Zika can bring to human health.

Hence, Rio’s Olympic Games walk the tightrope because, in two months, it is uncertain for Rio’s Government to guarantee it will successfully host an event of such magnitude.

Source: WBT