Harrison Ford, 72, underwent surgery on Friday to repair a broken pelvis and broken arm following his crash landing on Thursday in California.

The actor was listed in fair condition hours after his crash in a two-seater plane at a golf course.

Surgeons worked on Ford’s pelvis and ankle after his afternoon crash said a source close to his family.

Calista Flockhart, his wife, looked shaken as she was seen driving out of their Brentwood neighborhood with the youngest son of the couple Dylan.

Ford suffered a number of gashes to the head as well causing eyewitnesses at the crash scene to say he was barely recognizable while being evacuated by paramedics.

He suffered multiple cuts on his arms, but it was unclear if he had suffered any internal injuries, said a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department. The fireman said Ford was not a bloody mess and he was alert with good vitals.

The injuries to Ford were not life threatening and he should make a complete recovery said his spokesperson in a prepared statement late Thursday.

The veteran actor who is known for playing loveable, swashbuckling heroes such as Han Solo and Indiana Jones is a trained pilot with many years of experience.

Authorities hailed Ford for successfully crash landing his plane after the two-seater had engine failure about 15 minutes after he took off from a municipal airport in Santa Monica.

He saved many lives by not hitting homes in suburbs that were nearby said authorities and he prevented his plane from talking a nosedive after hitting a tree near the golf course.

One witness said Ford likely thought to himself he would not put anyone else in harm’s way except himself and did everything in his power not to hurt anyone else.

Ford was also praised for how skillfully he landed on the golf course. One experienced pilot said it was an example of a force landing by one unbelievably well trained pilot.