A jetliner from Delta Air Lines landing during a snowstorm on Thursday at LaGuardia Airport in New York slid off the end of the runway and hit a fence prior to stopping at the edge of Flushing Bay. No one was seriously injured.

All 127 passengers and 5 crewmembers aboard were safely evacuated from the plane on its inflatable slides then moved to the terminal by buses, said airport officials.

The incident took place at about 11:00 EST when Delta flight 1086 was making a landing after its morning flight from Atlanta.

Images of the incident showed the jetliner resting in an area covered in snow with its nose pushed through a fence and jutting over a big embankment near the icy cold bay.

However, the plane did not make any contact with water after it veered off the tarmac a little over halfway down the runway of 7,000 feet.

The pilot and co-pilot were praised by airport officials for how they slowed the plane down when they lost control and that said the officials was reflected in the fact no one was seriously injured.

Just two minor injuries have been reported though that could change, said officials. One passenger on the play is an NFL player for the New York Giants.
Earlier on Thursday, the Port Authority said 125 passengers had been on the plane, but the airline increased that to 127.

Airport officials said two other aircraft had landed on the same runaway just prior to this incident happening and reported having good breaking action.

Most of the city was experiencing heavy snow when the mishap took place but officials were reluctant to discuss a possible cause.

The runaways closed after the incident as a routine procedure. A minor spillage of fuel form the jetliner was contained quickly by airport workers

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board will conduct a complete investigation of the incident said airport officials.