On Saturday’s traditional game for the Spanish League soccer called “El Clasico”, the Real Madrid slowly started to gain a good pace in the game while the Barça appeared lazy in the game hosted at the Camp Nou stadium. Although Barcelona’s team scored the first goal within over 50 minutes into the game credited to Gerard Pique, the team quickly succumbed to the game’s pressure.

The peace and quiet of the international break will be broken by the screech of football’s most famous rivalry on Saturday, as Barcelona host Real Madrid in the latest edition of El Clásico. Credit: Wishingkits

With the remaining score showing Real Madrid winning over Barcelona 2 to 1, it appears as if the Barcelona wasn’t up to the Real Madrid’s challenge on Saturday afternoon. Even though the Real Madrid was capable of beating its eternal rival on the latest confrontation between these two beloved Spanish teams, Madrid holds a considerable advantage in the competition.

Regrettably for Barcelona this Saturday’s game brought a downfall of the entire team after Karim Benzema scored the first goal for the Real Madrid only a few minutes from Pique’s goal. With the score tied, the game quickly intensified as Cristiano Ronaldo had many chances to score, but missed. Amazingly enough, the Barca had a tremendous opportunity to score a magnificent goal against its rival when they had only 10 minutes since the game started.

Neymar was able to pass the football to his fellow teammate Luis Suarez, yet Suarez couldn’t execute the shooting properly. Barcelona’s favorite, Lionel Messi however, wasn’t in the game as much as previous games, as only had a close call 55 minutes into the game. Now, Barcelona’s lead in the Primera Division has experienced a rather significant shortage as it fell six points over Atletico Madrid.

Who’s on top after Saturday’s game?

It’s worth noticing that the Atletico Madrid won earlier on Saturday, therefore getting Barcelona and Real Madrid closer together on the scoreboard. Real Madrid is now seven points behind Barca in the Primera Division ranking. Cristiano Ronaldo was the executioner for Saturday’s El Clasico soccer match between Barcelona and Real Madrid as he scored an impressive goal targeted at the bottom left corner with only 5 minutes remaining.

Unfortunately for Barcelona, today’s results broke the team’s winning streak that had already reached up to 39 games without a single defeat, until this Saturday. Even though the scores shocked the fans across the globe, as well as the plenty of wagers set upon either team to win or lose, the game could’ve had more goals.

Gareth Bale for instance, saw his attempts to score one for his team blocked by the opponent team as most of his performance on Saturday’s game was running. Veteran Andres Iniesta also had a powerful shot blocked by Pique after he was able to get into shooting position. Nevertheless, these rivals are sure to bring fans a suitable entertainment each time they face each other in the soccer field.

Source: ESPN FC