Nintendo-Seattle just fired her feminist product marketing specialist Alison Rapp early this week, after she received some threats online from gamers who were a bit upset about some minor changes over their favorite titles.

This was not, according to Nintendo, the cause to say “Game Over” to Rapp’s job; the “real” reason was that she was busted with a second job – Nintendo’s law entitles that it’s a violation to their company culture because of a conflict of interest over the second company.

Gaming giant Nintendo finally bowed to the will of Twitter trolls and white suprmacists by firing marketing exec Alison Rapp on March 30. Credit:

Those threats she received earlier to Rapp were that the gamers from the RPG – Role Playing Game, just like Final Fantasy or well-known The Legend Of Zelda series – Fire Emblem Fates complained about the location, or even the removal of sexually-charged features – a bit over dramatic, wasn’t it? – like the so-called “boob slider” that allows a player to modify the female characters’ bust sizes or the outfits from the game. But now, who have the evidence to say it was Alison’s idea? There was no proof that she was involved in those changes.

Many tweets from over Rapp’s account were made about this harassment case, stating that she have to talk about safety measurements with her family and with the police for a possible suspicious activity, and through all that GamerGate – slang that refers to the controversy around a harassment concerning issues of sexism and progressivism in video game culture – were digging all kind of her personal life and contacting Nintendo about it – talking about glitching anyone? –.

In March 30th she stated on her official Twitter account @AlisonRapp:

Also, Rapp stated later that she was moonlighting – holding another job at night, often from a “sketchy” nature, like it is just not right – but added that it was totally accepted at Nintendo’s policy.

Alison was under many huge projects while she was working with Nintendo that included The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Bayonetta 2, just naming some major ones. Now ask yourself: who is the one turned “offline” from all this mess? Anyone but Alison.

Source: WIRED