The Chinese Room made a surprising announcement on April 1 claiming the return of the long-awaited PC game Everybody’s Gone to Rapture. The game developers posted the revelation of a ‘worst kept secret’ on the Chinese Room’s Twitter feed on Friday. Fans immediately attributed the game notice as a prank for April Fools’ Day, yet the company continued to claim its veracity.

The game will be available on Steam services although a release date is yet to be announced by The Chinese Room, although it shouldn’t take too long if the ‘secret’ is out already.

The role-playing game (RPG) is set in rural England and its description could go from intriguing narrative to quests for further developing the story. Even though the game spent the last couple of years only available for the PlayStation franchise, PC Gamer has confirmed its return to PC. On an interview in order to further investigate what the new version of the game will bring fans upon its revealing.

Dan Pinchbeck, creative director for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture RPG was tackled with pretty detailed questions, yet the release of the game remains uncertain. Pinchbeck, however, claimed it has always been the company’s desire to get into the PC market as he describes it as a sort of home for the Chinese Room game developers.

Yet, upon the announcement made on Friday via Twitter, many PC fans expressed their excitement for the upcoming release while others criticized the company for coming back to PC only after messing up its PS4 platform. All of this without mentioning the vast majority of people who didn’t believe the Chinese Room’s post to be true at all. It’s worth noticing that the Chinese Room could be in for a challenging task when it comes to recovering all of its PC fans.

When asked if he had planned to bring the game for PC, Pinchbeck stated its desire to reach out to the game’s supportive fans on PC. Additionally, he claimed the team involved in the game’s development assured Sony it would come through with a game up to the standards.

New approaches on PC gaming

Pinchbeck was also asked about the inclusion of any visual improvements, to which he said the main enhancement is performance. He also said that new features are expected to be included pretty soon, such as visual assist for hearing-impaired players as well as well as full-on hardware compatibility.

As Virtual Reality devices appear to be the main technology of the year so far, it could present the game developers to include VR on Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture. Yet, the game would need a rather drastic transformation although the results would astonish fans of the role playing game.

Bringing the game for PC could be a major advantage for the game as it features a decent game performance with up to 60 frames per second (FPS) as well as higher resolutions. In addition, given that the PC fan base could be considered greater than the one for PS4 consoles, the game’s target may have widened their target.

Source: PC Gamer