Shawn Layden, President of Sony Entertainment has announced through a blog the creation of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC (SIE). An organization that will combine the strengths of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Entertainment LLC.

Layden issued a statement titled “A New Chapter in the Story of Playstation” in which he explained what gamers can expect from, what he called, this new global interactive entertainment powerhouse.

In November 2015, global sales of PlayStation 4 surpassed 30 million units, just two years since the console’s release. Credit:

The legendary Sony Computer Inc. that gamers enjoyed in PlayStation One is being supplanted by the new Sony Interactive System. According to Shawn Layden president of the company, users will experience a slow change in the company that, later on, will mean a forge unified PlayStation organization.

The company is promising an organization that will be able to adapt more quickly to today’s gaming needs also  innovative digital services like PlayStation Vue, a streaming TV service that offers users shows, movies, and sports without satellite or cable subscription and is available in all of PlayStation’s recent consoles.

Innovations in the cloud gaming service PlayStation Now were also promised, Shawn assured PlayStation fans will receive a drive consistent and “constant innovation through the dynamic medium of video games” Said President of the company, Shawn Layden in his written statement.

Layden assured that PlayStation VR, a previously announced virtual reality gaming platform, is a fruit of  SIE efforts. The platform will be available for users starting October 2016, but pre-order sales are already available for $549.95.

In the statement, Layden announced his new seat as Chairman of Worldwide Studios, the video game developing company that’s owned by SIE.  The company was first established in 2005 and is responsible for the strategic and direction of all of the production computer entertainment software, produced exclusively for PlayStation.

While acting as Chairman of the company, Layden will be working along with the president of the studios, Shuhei Yoshida  and other leaders of the company such as Scott Rohde, software product developer’s head, Michael Denny and Allan Becker.

Layden assured SIE is working on a powerful lineup for VR game titles for worldwide markets.

The chairman position suits Layden well since he started his career as a game developer in Japan and Europe. Working as a software developer until 199 when he became the Vice-President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Although gamers are not sure how Sony Interactive Entertainment is going to work, rumors of the creation of a new mobile gaming studio and the upgrades for the PS4 have been circling the web.

Source: Blog Play Station