San Francisco – American transportation company, Uber Technologies Inc., has announced today the launch of its new tool UberRUSH. This expands Uber couriers to delivery services, offering users the opportunity to get products immediately after they order them.

The service has been officially launched in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago and participates mainly with small businesses which have been unable until now to meet the expectations on delivery services offered by big companies.

The real business for Uber Rush will be in becoming the delivery fleet for small businesses across a city. Credit:

“If every local business delivered, we’d all save time and energy. But most simply can’t. Day-to-day operations are already complicated and delivery can cause all sorts of logistical headaches. There has never been a simple local delivery solution, until now,” said Uber in the communique.

Local business already using UberRUSH include Blockheads, Indie Fresh, Sam & Lex, and hundreds of others which count with the help of Uber platform businesses partners like Shopify, Clover, ChowNow, Bigcommerce and BloomNet. Uber is creating a much faster, cheaper, and more reliable way to deliver products.

Ken and Don Sofer, owners of NYC burrito favorite Blockheads, said to use UberRUSH to order and track deliveries instantly when they need to follow thousands of lunch and dinner orders from kitchen to costumer.

“It allows us to do what we do best. Before we even make the food, the UberRUSH guys are sitting here with a backpack on, ready to take it,” they said as reported by Uber.

UberRUSH also helps expand delivery zones, stated Indie Fresh CEO Shom Chowdhury who was able to expand business “without the cost and infrastructure needed to grow it” and now delivers its nutritious chef-prepared meals on demand in all of Manhattan while maintaining product quality serving from its single Manhattan location.

Meanwhile, Sam & Lex boutique uses Shopify to process online orders and UberRUSH to deliver them, but the sisters had said to Uber their clients are “obsessed with UberRUSH” because they are able to see an item online and “try it on at home 20 minutes later.”

Source: Uber