JetBlue Airways Corporation (NASDAQ:JBLU) is closer to be the first airline to provide free wifi on their flights —Fly-Fi, as they call it— the company announced on Wednesday.

Passengers feel that the regular prices for wifi service, going from $5 to $40, in most airplanes is too high and the connection is often slow. The company expects its entire fleet to provide the service by fall of 2016.

JetBlue Airlines
Photo: JetBlue Airlines

“Our Fly-Fi model has proven that there is a way to offer customers more without adding extra costs to their travel,” JetBlue’s vice president of brand and product development Jamie Perry said, according to Mashable.

They will guarantee at least 20 Mbps of speed on every device, whether you are in a domestic flight or flying to the Caribbean, according to Engadget. The internet service is expected to support streaming services like Netflix.

“Soon every JetBlue customer will step onboard knowing their aircraft is equipped with free, fast Internet,” said Perry to Mashable.

According to a Survey made by Honeywell Aerospace, made last year, showed that most passengers —66 percent— take into account the wifi service in order to purchase a ticket.

The airline company stated that they have installed the Fly-Fi service on more than 150 Airbus A320 and A321 planes, as the first connected Embraer E190 flew for the first time this week.

JetBlue flies to a variety of destinations in the Caribbean, South America as well to many U.S. cities.

Source: Mashable