The tablet market keeps bringing us options, as Toshiba Corp. (TYO: 6502) announced the launch of DynaPad, similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, which can transform into a fully functioning laptop. It will be available in the U.S. and Europe by the first quarter of 2016.

The device could be used as a laptop or tablet, as the keyboard can detach from the screen, providing versatility for users. Being a tablet that connects with a keyboard dock, the DynaPad has a 12-inch display, with anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint technology.

The dynaPad is a digital notebook, specially designed to encourage the user’s creativity, and also enhance productivity. Credit:

Nevertheless, “These devices still end up being better as one or the other and typically aren’t optimized for either use case,” said Jan Dawson, a tech analyst, to Newsfactor.

It includes a stylus pen on the side of the tablet, capable of perceiving 2,048 levels of pressure and compatible with most apps, according to Dispatch Times. The tablet will come with updated versions of Toshiba’s business apps, letting users organize, collect and share images of files, as new apps will let users capture screen clips and share real-time handwriting.

The device is powered by Intel Atom processor —not as powerful as the Surface Pro 4, but very decent. There is no information regarding the internal storage of the tablet yet, but the company claims that the DynaPad will be one of the lightest and thinnest devices on the market.

Experts say that as companies continue to experiment with these new models, they don’t know for sure if people are going to put their trust in them and actually buy them.

“But it does look as though Windows 10 is making some interesting new models possible, and that, in turn, is leading to some real innovation, which this space badly needs,” Dawson added.

Toshiba has been working along with Microsoft for years, being one of the first manufacturers to use Windows Hello Face Recognition on their products.

Source: Newsfactor