Following the launch of the Toyota’s Prius Prime last week at the New York International Auto Show, the automaker giant Toyota Motor Corp (NYSE:TM) has unveiled its second-generation plug-in hybrid Prius Prime on Monday. The release of the new 2017 Prius Prime is set to raise the bar when it comes to car design and better drivability. The car unveiled by the Japanese automaker can boast an impressive 120 miles per gallon (MPGs) and counts with a 22-mile long electric driving range.

Even though the car was already being described as a state of the art vehicle, the Japanese automaker giant set to include many improvements in the car design. The exterior was upgraded in order to exhibit more elegant features, such as the changing of the front bodywork as well as the grille in order for the car to look more assertive.

On Monday, Toyota unveiled its second-generation plug-in hybrid Prius Prime. Credit: Youtube

However, the car holds most of the enhancements under the hood, expecting to surprise its users. The Prius Prime unveiled at the New York International Auto Show held last week takes pride on its 8.8 kWh battery, which is twice the amount of the previous car model battery. Also, it allows users a fast charging as it takes under 6 hours to fully charge with a 120 volts connection, while it can be fully charged in 3 hours with a 240 volts source.

The car is set to satisfy Toyota fans all over the world, as it presents drivers with innovative features with its plug-in hybrid Prius Prime model. The hybrid counts with a unique attribute that allows the driver to lock the car into electric operation only. This means that the car will only work on its electric generator, even if the gas accelerator is pressed upon.

Fortifying Toyota’s complete platform

The new hybrid model released by Toyota was accompanied by an updated version of the Highlander SUV model and the brand new Toyota 86 sports model as well. The Japanese automaker company’s goal with this release is to remind its clients of the versatility Toyota has to provide customers with a full-on experience when it comes to driving.

In the plug-in hybrid Prius Prime – apparently the people’s favorite – the updates include not only an increased high speed when using the all-electric speed, but also doubles the horsepower from the previous model with over 120 horsepower when using the electric motor

By focusing on cars capable of combining both electric power sources and gasoline-powered engines, Toyota Motor Corporation faces a great challenge for its competitors to defeat. Adaptability is key in the U.S. marketplace nowadays, and Toyota has adapted to offer electric vehicles in the middle of low gasoline prices nationwide.

Even though people could prefer an electric-only vehicle, the improved hybrid car unveiled at the New York International Auto Show by Toyota has doubled the car’s battery power capacity compared to the previous model, said Toyota in a press release.

Customers can choose from using the gasoline-powered engine to using the car’s electric mode. The Japanese automaker company giant claims that the new 2017 plug-in hybrid Prius Prime can withstand an estimated 120 miles per gallon. And because it counts with an improved hybrid system, it allows drivers of the Prius Prime model to save a few bucks on fueling the car.

Source: CS Monitor