This Saturday, it was celebrated the Governor Awards ceremony and actor Tom Hanks was the host. In the ceremony, Hanks acknowledged the merit and contribution made by Jackie Chan, who received an honorary Oscar Award.

In the event, Tom Hanks recognized the martial art actor, saying that he is simply “chan-tastic,” but admitting that though he has contributed so much to the film industry, sometimes the work of artists such as Chan is overlooked because they involve martial arts.

Tom Hanks recognized the martial art actors,Jackie Chan, saying that he is simply “chan-tastic.” Photo credit:
Tom Hanks recognized the martial art actors,Jackie Chan, saying that he is simply “chan-tastic.” Photo credit:

“How is this possible out of one man? His talents must truly be Chan-tastic,” said Hanks before handing the honorary Award to Chan.

The Governors Awards are an annual ceremony that recognized the lifetime achievements in the film industry. The first Governors Awards ceremony took place in 2009. They were included later as a part of the Academy Award Ceremony, whoever they have gained importance as a major red carpet and event.

In 2016, there were recognized four artists including Chan. Hank was tasked with the introduction of the martial filmmaker. Chan, 62, was absolutely happy to receive an honorary Oscar since he knows it is not usual for a comedian and martial artist to be awarded in these ceremonies. However, it is important to understand that he has 56 years in the business and more than 200 films.

Chan: ‘I still cannot believe I am standing here. It’s a dream’

 Chan told a story about his father as he received the statuette. He said that his father used to ask him why he has never won an Oscar if he was so famous and celebrated around the world.

“I just look at my dad and said, ‘Ha, ha, ha,'” Chan said last night. “Dad, I only make comedy action movies.” He added.

He assured it was a dream for him. As well, he told the story about when he saw Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar 23 years ago. He said he has touched and smelled it. He said back then that he really wanted one of those, and finally, when Chan received the call from Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs, he just could not believe it, he asked her if she was sure.

Four other legends were awarded last night at Hollywood

Furthermore, an honorary award was also given to film editor Anne V. Coates, casting director Lynn Stalmaster and documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.

Actor Don Cheadle introduced Frederick Wiseman, 86, who is a documentary director of films such as ‘Titicut Follies.’ Wiseman said that the award was a wonderful recognition for a work he has been doing for more than 50 years. On praising Frederick Wiseman, Cheadle said that though the director could be a fly on the wall, he definitely knew what the right wall was.

Richard Gere praised Anne Coates as the “greatest of great film editors.” Anne, 90, got her golden chance on the classic Lawrence of Arabia back in 1962 and continues to work today. On receiving the award, an excited Coates said that it had been a pleasure to work in the industry and claimed that nothing was better than being paid for looking into the eyes of handsome celebrities such as Jamie Dornan, George Clooney or even Clint Eastwood.

Last but not least, Lynn Stalmaster received his award by the hands of Actor Bruce Dern. Stalmaster, 88, became the first casting director to receive an Oscar. Dern mentioned that an award to Stalmaster is a recognition to that group of people who have made possible the success of this industry from the background, given that every single movie that has ever been done needed a casting director.

Source: USA Today