Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks will star on Saturday Night Live (SNL) as hosts, with Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga as their musical guests. SNL´s fans are going wild after hearing such exciting news. It is clear the show is looking for gold material to present the audience.

On October 1, SNL premiered its 42nd season with Margot Robbie as guest host. After the big launch of Suicide Squad, where Robbie did an outstanding performance, her appearance was more than expected. The Weeknd was the musical guest, thrilling the public, as always. But the most prominent segment of the show was the parody of the US Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks will star on Saturday Night Live as hosts. Photo credit: My Fads
Emily Blunt and Tom Hanks will star on Saturday Night Live as hosts. Photo credit: My Fads

Alec Baldwin played Trump and Kate McKinnon played Clinton. The result was hilarious. Through it, the political correctness of the characters could be seen. As always, they focused on their mannerisms when they speak, but an extensive research was also noted. Investigations about past health issues and non-political topics were seen, for example, when McKinnon appeared once with a cane. 

Critics acclaim both performances, especially Baldwin´s who imitated Trump as perfectly as possible, from his costume to his way of speaking, he did bring Trump to life.

A high bar to reach

After such a successful show, SNL wanted to keep it up, so it seems that looking for great talent has been their ultimate goal to maintain the quality of the program. So, on October 15, the 33-year-old actress, Emily Blunt, will be hosting with Bruno Mars as musical guest.

The Girl on the Train, Blunt´s last movie, will hit theaters this week, making her an interesting and on the spot person to call for the show. On the other hand, Bruno Mars is releasing his new single 24 Magic. Such a delightful duo has the abilities to keep it up and give the entertainment quality that SNL wants to open this season.

If that was not enough, Tom Hanks will be the guest host on October 22. The 60-year-old actor, with prominent and famous movies like Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan, will return for the ninth time to the program. People are overly excited, declaring that seeing Hanks in a show like SNL is always exciting because of what a great actor he is.

The musical guest will be Lady Gaga, who is launching her album Joanne on November this year, and was also selected as the next superstar to perform at the Super Bowl, a high honor in the American society.

Source: Chicago Tribune