Actress Lindsay Lohan published on her Instagram account a screenshot of a mini-reunion she held with mean girls’ love interest, actor Jonathan Benneth. This has made fans discuss and rumor about a possible Mean Girls reunion among its cast members or maybe a possible sequel with the original cast.

Tough it is not October 3 anymore – which was set as the official Mean Girls day – Lindsay Lohan has given her fans something they have long awaited. She uploaded an unfortunate blurry screenshot on Instagram showing a Facetime call with Benneth. No information about the conversation they held was published.

This has made fans discuss and rumor about a possible Mean Girls reunion. Photo credit: Pink is the New Blog
This has made fans discuss and rumor about a possible Mean Girls reunion. Photo credit: Pink is the New Blog

In 2004, teen comedies gave a twist thanks to Mean Girls. The movie, written by Tina Fey, was a success in theaters grossing about $129 million worldwide. It tells the story of Cady Heron (Lindsay), a girl who returns to the U.S after living 12 years in Africa. She then attends a public school where she has to face the typical female high school social cliques, including the one with the most popular girls, “the plastic girls”, a group led by Regina George (Rachel McAdams).

Ever since fans established October 3 as the Mean Girls day due to the scene where Aaron Samuels (Bennett) – Regina’s ex and Candy’s love interest – asks Candy the date. But though October 3 already passed, fans say that Lindsay’s little catch-up moment via FaceTime with Bennett was a celebration of the film, just a little bit too late.

But Bennett is not as excited about October 3 as we could think. The now- Food Network host said that he intended to ignore everyone on the planet that day.

“I pretty much just stay away from social media and keep my phone off because it blows up,” Said Benneth. “It’s ridiculous the amount of people and friends texting me, like a second birthday. It’s so fun, though, to watch what people come up with”

On the other hand, it appears that Lindsay has new plans to make a major Hollywood comeback. During another Mean Girls reunion with Rajiv Surendra – who played Kevin Gnapoor in the 2004 movie – the actress revealed that another music record might just be around the corner.

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Will we have more of Mean Girls?

 Though there is no confirmation about a reunion of the Mean Girls Cast, it has been confirmed the upcoming musical inspired by the movie. After several years of planning, the Mean Girls musical has been set to start in fall 2017, as it was announced last October 3 by the official Twitter account of the film.

However, the details of the musical remain a mystery. Tina Fey hasn’t said if she will keep to the original story or if new stories will be unfolded. What she did say is that the musical will be having a touch of classic Broadway.

At least Mean Girls’ fan have an upcoming event. However, a new Mean Girls movie seems a little bit far away. But everything is possible.

Source: Movie News Guide