London- Theresa May, as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,  has to carry out the country’s exit from the European Union. A difficult task for a person that advocated for her country to stay in the 28-member bloc. May stated that she would not start the process to exit the E.U. before the year’s end. She said that negotiations need to be settled before the divorce takes place, but European leaders do not seem eager to please Britain wishes.

Theresa May was named Prime Minister after winning the elections on Monday. May won the first round of voting among Conservative members of Parliament last week and after her only rival, Andrea Leadson, unexpectedly dropped out, she immediately won the job.

British Home Secretary Theresa May received the backing of 165 lawmakers Tuesday during the first round of voting to choose the next leader of the Conservative Party. Credit: WSJ/Will Oliver/European Pressphoto Agency

May was summoned to the Buckingham Palace to an audience with Queen Elizabeth II, to assume her new post. The audience happened after former Prime Minister, David Cameron presented his resignation to the Palace. Cameron announced he was not going to continue his job as prime minister after Brexit won. An outcome he did not expect, and he did not support.

In her first speech as prime minister, May said that the process to leave the European Union would create an active role for British people in the world. She added that the U.K. would not favor only a privileged few but to all citizens.

Regarding Scotland’s secessionist movements that restarted after the referendum to stay or not in the E.U., the Prime Minister stated that she would defend the bond that unites UK countries and gave a clear message: she is determined to beat the Scottish idea to leave the United Kingdom.

Among her promises, May said she will cut immigration and will invest in electronic surveillance.

Theresa May also mentioned that she would fight injustice against minorities and women, and she will work on behalf of the working class and the poor.

‘Brexit means Brexit’

There are some concerns about May compromise to make Brexit a reality because she campaign against Brexit.

Be she has repeated in several opportunities that she will carry the voters’ decision. “Brexit is Brexit,” Prime Minister said.

But Brexit will not take place this year. According to May, negotiation strategy must be agreed and clear before invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Article 50 starts the process for leaving the E.U.

Against the opinion of some European leaders, according to Reuters, the U.K. will not divorce the European Union as soon as possible. First, May will sit with Angela Merkel to establish how is it possible to restrict immigration from other E.U. countries while not limiting access to British business to the European common market.

But Merkel’s opinion and other European leaders may not allow Britain to set the terms for negotiation without cooperating with the E.U. If the U.K. wants free trade, it must accept free movement to its nation, says Reuters.

It is important to consider that even if Article 50 is triggered, the U.K will leave the E.U. in 2 years. Reuters reports that Secretary Philip Hammond told Parliament this week that there are several complicated issues to discuss and to carry out and that 2 years are not enough for Britain to exit the bloc. He estimated that in could take as long as 6 years.

Source: Reuters