Black Eyed Peas Taboo (Jaime Luis Gomez), confessed he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2014. His fight against cancer worried him because his children and his wife were at risk of being left by themselves if he did not survive the fight. Taboo underwent 12 weeks of chemotherapy and in 2015 entered into remission. After treatment, Taboo and his wife Jayme had their fourth child, against all the odds.

Taboo said he was shocked and confused when he was diagnosed with cancer and he first thought of his sons Joshua, 23, Jimmy, 7, and Journey, 5. It even crossed his mind the chances he might had to see them grow up.

Black Eyed Peas Taboo confessed he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2014. Photo credit: Reuters / Latin Times
Black Eyed Peas Taboo confessed he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2014. Photo credit: Reuters / Latin Times

The Black Eyed Peas singer revealed he was surprised that the diagnosis came at that point of his life because he believed he was in the best shape he had ever been. Taboo felt he was healthier than ever before. He stressed in an interview with Billboard that he feared for his life and for the impact the disease could have on his boys and her wife.

After accepting his situation, Taboo summoned his inner fighter and began chemotherapy. Twelve weeks of treatment cured him, and he has been in remission since 2015.

Taboo shared that his fight against cancer transformed him into a sports enthusiast. He watched sports documentaries and invested a lot of time on ESPN to distract himself from his reality, without losing his goal: Overcoming the disease and stay by his family side.  

Jimmy Valvano´s story and Jim Kelly’s story of struggling cancer inspired Taboo to keep fighting and get through his chemotherapy. The artist said watching sports took his mind away from his stressful experience. Taboo said he regularly watched ESPN, 30 For 30 and Stuart Scott on the ESPYs.

And after the battle was over, another obstacle came to Taboo’s life He and his wife wanted another kid, but his severe disease and the treatment he had to endure almost killed off their hopes to be parents again.

Taboo stated that Jayme’s positive attitude was the motor behind their enthusiasm and instead of trying expensive fertility treatments, they decided to try it by themselves. A few weeks after finishing his chemo, Taboo found out he was going to be a parent one more time. Jayme and Taboo’s daughter Jett was born in February.

Taboo became the American Cancer Society global ambassador

Taboo’s experience with cancer inspired him to create and uplifting anthem: “The Fight.” He released the track with the help of his close friends Karlina Covington and Joshua Alvarez to motivate not only cancer fighters but everyone struggling with a difficult moment in their lives.

Besides helping the American Cancer Society to raise awareness about the disease, treatment and helping the association to raise funds,  Taboo has also participated in programs such as Relay for Life and Hope Lodge.

Source: Taboo Newasha Twitter
Source: Taboo Newasha Twitter

Taboo and Shailene Woodley honoring the Standing Rock Protest

The Standing Rock Movement in opposition to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline will be honored by Taboo and actress Shailene Woodley for their efforts to stop the $3.7 billion project to transport crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. The Dakota Access Pipeline is not only a risk for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s water supply. The pipeline is planned to be constructed in sacred sites for the native American people.

Taboo is of Native American descent, and Shailene Woodley is an activist defending people’s right to clean water and the respect of Native American sacred lands. The song Taboo wrote for the Standing Rock Movement will be part of his musical comeback, said the artist to Billboard. He also teased that there is a forthcoming Black Eyed Peas album that will arrive in 2017.

Source: Billboard