Energy prices have rocketed recently. Switching your supplier could be the answer to saving you money now and in the long run, if you live in a state, which allows you to choose your own provider.

Energy Efficiency

What information will you need?

Very little information is needed. Your personal details i.e. your name, address and also your current usage habits (for example, when you use your energy the most/least) are all you require. The state in which you reside is crucial as many are regulated, meaning you will be unable to choose your electricity supplier. Even if this is the case, you can save by switching the provider of other home services. The process itself will not take very long, but you ought to spend sufficient time making an informed decision.

Using a price comparison website

Many people in the UK choose to compare energy on Using a price comparison website like this one is a quick and easy process allowing you to find the most competitive rates and packages for you and your household. Simply enter your personal details, including usage information, and almost instantly, you will be presented with a list of suitable options. Usave also gives the option of comparing broadband Internet providers side by side to ensure your needs are being met by your provider, however often you access the network and however many devices you may utilize.

Weighing up your options

Usave provides you with detailed information about the various packages and associated costs. Take time to assess what you definitely need and any added extras, which would be beneficial to you.

The main things you may wish to consider:

  • Price per kilowatt hour
  • Rate: is it fixed or variable?
  • How long you have to commit to a plan – contracts vary in length, so make sure you find one, which suits your needs.
  • How much it costs to terminate your contract early e.g. if you move to another area, discover a cheaper provider and wish to switch again.
  • The reputation of the energy supplier – are they in keeping with your ethical standards?

Be sure also to check that the supplier allows for equal or budget billing, preventing large, unmanageable outgoings during winter months when your usage is higher. It would also be advisable to consult your current provider to find out if you would need to pay an early termination fee; the cost of this could negate any savings you may make.

Confirm your switch

It is really simple to confirm you wish to change from one provider to another. Usually, the comparison websites will do most of the hard work for you. To ensure that your current provider is aware that you will no longer be requiring their services. Check also that you have entered all your details accurately; otherwise, delays may be incurred.

Switching your energy suppliers could be the start of a new financial you: the first step on a journey to saving money for every eventuality.