Spending on global business travel is expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2022, with annual growth rates of 4-5%. Traveling is an indispensable part of certain jobs because face-to-face interactions are far more effective than text-based conversations, according to a Harvard Business Review article. In addition to sealing a deal faster or getting the job done, careers that involve travel do have extra perks. You get to visit and meet new places and people while earning a wage.

Business Travel Executive

Jobs In The Private Sector

Many businesses or commercial enterprises offer amazing opportunities to travel. If you are a sales representative, your tasks are not limited to selling products, goods, and services; you are also responsible for generating new sales leads. Traveling is part of your duties to the areas you are covering so that you can meet your sales targets.

A retail buyer is another occupation that offers opportunities to travel. You might need to source materials and supplies for your employer to assure that production targets and stock levels are met. In a lot of cases, you will need to visit different places to get your materials, and the job also requires you to look beyond traditional sources and markets. This means going on journeys throughout the country or abroad, talking to people, establishing relationships, and concluding deals.

Pro Tip: A pro tip when traveling for business is to travel light and to use the best luggage brands for finding the right carry-on luggage that is stylish and convenient to pass through airport security while at the same time look sharp and ready for your business meetings.

Civil Service Careers

The private sector is not the only place that offers exciting careers that involve travel. If you’re working for the State Department, you can be assigned as an embassy worker in the 294 embassies and consulates of the US all over the world. In addition to embassy staff and members, there are over 27 government agencies that work overseas under the supervision of the ambassador, including the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Treasury, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among others.

civil servant working abroad not only enjoys traveling and living in another country; they also benefit from government loan programs, health insurance, paid vacation, and overtime pay. There are also cases when individuals interested in a public service career may have their student loans forgiven after 10 years of service, if eligible.

Freelancing Positions

You don’t have to be employed by the government or the private sector to enjoy the benefits of traveling. If you are an independent consultant, you can travel anywhere to reach your clients. As an international consultant, your clients might include foreign governments who need technical assistance in different fields such as business, finance, agriculture, health, microfinancing, rural, and development projects.

Consider working as a travel or business writer where you look for leads, interview people, and visit places to write your stories. Although it is not the most lucrative of occupations, you can pursue a career that you love doing from writing to visiting new destinations.

A career that allows you to visit places, meet new people, and get paid while doing it is extremely appealing. These jobs include working as sales agents, independent consultants, and civil servants under the foreign service.