We all want to think that our partner is “the one.” But what happens when Mr. or Mrs. Right is actually the Wrong One in disguise. It can be hard to know if who you love is who you think they are, especially in this world of online dating.

Young Couple in Conflict

Sometimes relationships are about much more than attractiveness and compatibility. You often need to dig deeper to determine what really matters and whether you’re actually meant to be. Here are 5 signs you’re not meant to be and it might be time to break things off.

1. You’re Waiting For “Someday”

Are you holding onto the dream that he or she will be the one if you just keep waiting? Maybe things haven’t “clicked” yet or they’re just a step away from working out. If you’ve been struggling with these thoughts for a while, the war might already be lost.

It’s one thing to work on a relationship, but it’s another to wait for love to magically form. Once the initial attraction wears off, you might realize it’s hard to feel like you’re a good match. Don’t play the waiting game. You deserve to feel happy in the moment. The best way to determine if “someday” will ever arrive is to use the no contact rule.

2. You’re Not Friends

Many people say a relationship is being friends first and lovers second. In reality, it’s more of a balancing act. You want your life partner to be someone you not only have a lot of chemistry with, but someone you respect, you trust, and you enjoy spending time with.

While your partner doesn’t have to be your best friend, they should be a close friend you feel confident in. If you’re not friends with your partner, you spend time arguing, you don’t look forward to spending time with them then it’s not meant to be.

3. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Timing is more important in relationships than we like to admit. If you’re stuck in an endless long-distance relationship or a waiting game for your partner to commit, you might have to face the reality that the “right” time will never come.

It’s okay if the timing’s off. It’s okay to call it quits and see how you feel in a few months or years. What isn’t okay is sitting around waiting until things magically line up and you find you’re happily ever after. Once again, you deserve happiness now without the wait.

4. You Want to Change Them

It’s not your responsibility to help someone else grow as a person. This is especially common with women, but it can happen to partners of any gender. If you feel an obligation to change your partner or fix them, this is a red flag. If you can’t accept your partner right now, you shouldn’t expect things to change in a few months or years. Would you want someone to change you for a relationship? Probably not, so don’t try to do the same.

5. You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Finally, if you don’t feel like yourself, this is the biggest red flag of all. Sometimes if a relationship isn’t going well, you’ll notice you don’t know who you are anymore. Everything that made you unique and different is gone or fading fast. This happens often in relationships, and it’s bad news.

Your partner might be controlling you or you might just be a bad match, but either way, you need to remove yourself from the relationship. It’s hard to admit when a relationship isn’t good for us, but it’s something we need to do to protect who we are.


The right relationship will bring out the best in you. Do you know if you’ve found your forever partner? While you shouldn’t expect to have those butterfly feelings forever, you should feel like you’ve found someone you can trust.

These signs above will help you discover if you’ve found the relationship that will last your lifetime. Never put up with a relationship that doesn’t feel right. It’s time to empower yourself to look for the strongest relationship you can.