West Virginia held the primary for the Democratic party and Bernie Sanders won with 50 percent in opposition to Hillary Clinton, who got only 39.2 percent. The result got 14 delegates for Sanders and only 10 to Clinton. Sanders predominated also in Indiana’s Democratic primary.

Sanders stated that he should remain in the race to get to the White House, even though he is severely behind in the delegate count. Clinton, however, is still winning with considerable advantage, considering the series of victories she held in northeastern part of the country.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders won West Virginia primary. Credit: Newsunited.com

What made Sanders win?

Clinton and Sanders discussed in West Virginia about the coal industry and heavy mining in the state, and apparently people weren’t happy with Clinton’s plan to put coal miners and coal companies out of business. In that sense, Sanders got benefited from the rejection to Clinton and it transformed into more votes for him.  This is a new trend since in the 2008 election Clinton was actually the favorite in the state and won Barack Obama with a significant difference.

Sanders may be getting more votes in the upcoming primaries. Oregon and Kentucky are some of the upcoming contests and the data is in his favor. Sanders has also argued that the polls revealed he would perform better against Trump in the final presidential elections, statement that supports his position to not leave the presidential race., Clinton’s advantage would need more than two victories to leave her behind. The democratic nomination would probably end in Hillary Clinton.

However, Sanders would need more than two victories to leave Clinton behind. The democratic nomination would probably end in Hillary Clinton since her advantage in candidates is still remarkable, with 282 over Sanders. Although is not impossible for Sanders, it would be difficult to catch up winning 65 percent of the remaining delegates, but analysts have said that anything could happen.

West Virginia’s tendency

The primaries took place this Tuesday, and all polling places were open from 6:00 AM to 7:00PM. West Virginia is an open primary state, which translates into the possibility for independents to cast ballots.

The state is mostly democrat, according to the exit polls made during the primaries. However, Donald Trump won in the state with a 75.1 percent of the votes.  Donald Trump actually won in the same counties his democrat counterpart, Sanders, did.

Source: NBC News