After being absent from television during the election process, Jon Stewart talked about politics on Monday during an interview at the University of Chicago, hosted by former Obama strategist David Axelrod.

Stewart called Donald Trump a “man baby,” and questioned his eligibility to be president. He said that men babies should not be able to run for office.

“He has the physical countenance of a man and a baby’s temperament and hands….Donald Trump’s real name is, I don’t know if you even know this, is F–kface Von Clownstick,” said Stewart.

Jon Stewart at the University of Chicago, interviewed for the Axe Files. Credit: CNN

When talking about Hillary Clinton, he said that she seems unauthentic. He compared her campaign to Magic Johnson’s talk show because he said that Magic Johnson was a charming person, but always seemed like he was not being real and that someone else was controlling him.

He said that he prefers Clinton over Trump and that he would actually vote for her. But he said that she needs to find a way to be more real because it seems like a real person does not exist underneath her.

New project

Stewart said that he is working on an HBO project that could be ready in September. He did not give many details, and never called it a show or a program.

Last week, HBO chief Richard Plepler said during a Paley Center forum in Manhattan that a pre-election launch was only a possibility.

He made explicit that he will not go back to television. He said that he feels alive now. He also added that he is working on technology and animation. He also added that he would love to have it ready by September, but not because of the elections.

Axelrod said that the elections are important, which made it seem like Stewart was letting people down. He answered saying that, as he had said before, he will vote.

Last appearances

Stewart hosted his las Comedy Central program on August 6, 2015. Last week, he hosted the 75th-anniversary celebration of the USO. He worked with David Letterman, another former star.

On November 3, he signed the four-year production deal with HBO.

Source: The Washington Post