Los Angeles – Oculus Innov Sci (NASDAQ: OCLS) and Harmonix announced a virtual reality adaptation of Harmonix’s Rock Band music games series named Rock Band VR that’ll be available in 2016.

During the 2015 Game Awards on Thursday night, the CEO of Oculus, Palmer Luckey announced the company was currently working with Harmonix on a project that would give new dimensions to virtual reality.

Oculus and Harmonix introduced Rock Band VR, available in 2016. Credit: Engadget

The announcement began with a short video which showed that the game will operate from a first-person perspective and with players standing on a stage facing virtual band members. The gamer will play in front of its audience with a floating Rock Band-style guitar with color-coded button flashing, that are supposed to match the players’ button presses.

The difference with other Rock Band games is that there is no “river” of notes gliding down the screen. However, it is still unknown whether the Rock Band VR will support other instruments, such as vocals and drums.

The video also included a cameo from DragonForce, a band known by Rock Band fans due to their song  “Through the Fire and Flames,” one of the most difficult songs to play in the series.

After the announcement, Luckey gave short remarks regarding the experience of playing and developing the famous series into the virtual reality world.

“We’ve been working with Harmonix on Rock Band VR for a really long time and I’ve played a lot of hours of it, and it’s really amazing to feel like you’re standing on stage looking out a crowd cheering for you. And looking over: seeing your drummer on left, seeing a guitarist on your right wailing out on a guitar solo, and looking out at the crowd and feeling like you really are a rock star,” Luckey stated.

The exact date of the game release is unknown, as well as its price. Nevertheless, there has been speculation that the price to pay will be around $1,500.

Source: Yahoo