Sweating is a common phenomenon among humans. It keeps the human body-temperature in check. Very often, under external pressure, we are conditioned to sweat more. Such conditions are heat and light, fever and sickness, exercising, running, or excessive stress. However, this phenomenon becomes a cause of worry if symptoms of excessive sweat start to occur.

Reasons Why You Sweat Profusely
Nathan Dumlao

Excessive sweat accumulates on various body organs like palms, underarms, or forehead. These symptoms have a medical name and that is Hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating can be harmless but only up to a certain extent. People suffering from this problem often face anxiety and embarrassment, which leads to further ‘flop sweat’. Due to medical advancements, this syndrome can be treated by methods such as iontophoresis.

If you are one of the few people who happen to suffer from hyperhidrosis, products like Dermadry can provide you relief using the iontophoresis procedure. Let’s look at the reasons why you sweat:

Primary Hyperhidrosis

Apart from regular sweating, signs of abnormal sweating are due to various factors that can’t really be stressed. Such a condition is termed primary hyperhidrosis. The symptoms cannot be treated medically and possibly have a genetic root.

The sweating occurs in solitary or multiple body parts such as armpits, feet, palms, under breast areas, or soles. When signs of excess sweating appear in multi parts at a time, it is known as multifocal hyperhidrosis.

What Are The Signs?

You will notice that you are sweating profusely and for a long time after running or exercising. Even in an atmosphere with a lower temperature, you may start sweating. This may happen because sweat glands receive irregular nervous messages and over-activate.

This situation is harmless but is not very comfortable. People suffering from these symptoms are often embarrassed and refuse to come out in public. If these signs occur at a magnanimous rate, referring to treatment by iontophoresis is always recommended. It is a non-surgical and highly effective chemical treatment that yields good results.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

This phenomenon is more intense in nature and may require professional, medical assistance. Secondary means that the sweating occurs more often and the causes can be traced with viable medical solutions. As this symptom occurs due to an external factor, it is called secondary hyperhidrosis.

This can occur due to several conditions such as excess hormonal disparity, medication, infection, or withdrawal from alcohol consumption or drug intake.

What Are The Signs?

There are various possible signs as they all act due to a particular cause.

· Hormonal Disparity

Hormonal disparity causes hot flashes during menstruation. It typically lasts for several minutes and drains the body with sweat. Night sweats are also common phenomena where you wake up with a jolt from your sleep to find yourself drenched in excessive sweat.

· Diabetes

Diabetes is a sign of excess perspiration because the blood sugar level drops significantly. If you take insulin, that can also cause this.

· Withdrawal

Withdrawal from alcohol or drug intake alerts your nerves and causes excessive sweating in your palms, foot, or forehead. This can be controlled on the doctor’s advice.

If you show signs of secondary sweating, it is recommended to consult a doctor for treatment. That might solve your problem and also relieve you from anxiety and embarrassment.