The giant in gaming platforms, Nintendo, announced the new Kirby game for Nintendo 3DS. ‘Kirby Planet Robobot’ will maintain the vital aspect of the pink character, copying other players abilities. The game will be launched on the Nintendo 3DS on June 10th.

The game will develop, as in most Kirby games, throughout the pink character moving between colorful levels, bringing exciting adventures to the players. Kirby Planet Robobot, will maintain the vital aspect of the character, this being its ability to copy opponents.  But what sets apart this new game are the giant robots. Kirby will mimic 25 abilities and the new ‘robobot’ armor will be able to go into 10 modes based on what the enemy is wearing.


Kirby Planet Robobot will be available this year on Nintendo 3DS June 10. Credit: IGN

The robobot armor will allow Kirby to smash obstacles and repel the invaders that want to turn dreamland into a dystopic mechanized world. Depending on the enemy’s armor Kirby will be able to shoot, destroy, and cut what obstacle comes in its way.

Nintendo direct announced a new game mode in the Kirby Robobot, called Team Kirby Clash. It allows up to four players, joining forces to battle the Robobots invaders. The player will be able to select 4 roles to participate in the battle against the enemies. The key to victory in Team Kirby Clash is supporting each roles ability and joining forces together to fight the giant robots. While playing in this game mode, Kirby’s will collect tablets. If the player collects all tablets, the team will be able to activate a powerful team meteor and inflict major damage on the contenders.

For the first time in a Kirby game, as the player wins battles and smashes opponents. Kirby will gain experience points and it will be able to escalate levels, meaning the abilities will become more powerful for each experience point, and take more difficult quests. Team Kirby Clash is also available for download play, allowing people to play with friends that haven’t acquired the game yet.

Kirby Planet Robobot is compatible with amiibo figures, Nintendo’s character figures that work through a scan attached to the device. So Kirby can also copy whichever amiibo figure the player owns.

Nintendo also announced a new line of Kirby amiibo. Including Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. That will give Kirby new copy abilities and costumes representing each one of these amiibos, in fact by scanning the Kirby amiibo it will grant Kirby an ability only available in these game, The UFO Kirby.

Source: Nintendo