On Tuesday, the patent for Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) new magnetic detachable headphones was granted to the tech giant company. The new exclusive rights granted to Apple Incorporated by the United States Patent & Trademark Office gave the company the assets to publish its latest feature as a Detachable Wireless Listening Device.

According to a report from Apple Insider, the company has created a new way for customers to use headphones with more ease while taking its technology to a whole new level. The patent considers the possibility of a pair of ear buds capable of working with, and without the use of traditional cords by having a wireless communication between the headphones and the device playing the music.

Apple EarPod headphones patent. Credit: q13fox.com

While rumors are multiplying amongst Apple fans, the removal of the headphone jack for the next iPhone 7 is a trending topic. However, Apple has not confirmed the rumors alleging the headphone jack could be removed from the current smartphone’s design. Considering that mobile device manufacturers commonly use the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the innovative patent granted to Apple could lead the next generation of wireless listening devices.

The tech giant has developed headphones that would connect to a device using both traditional wired and wireless listening systems. Amazingly enough, the newly developed headphones would be magnetically attached to another piece of wire through a locking mechanism, which in turn would connect to the audio player.

Apple’s new Hybrid Earbuds

Basically, the wireless device would consist of a magnetic connection between the audio wire and the host wire, letting users activate wireless communications when desired. In addition, customers could also let the magnetic parts connected if there’s no need for them to use the wireless feature from Apple. These kinds of headphones are being described as “hybrid earbuds” from Apple Insider.

The tech company is also studying the possibility or replacing the current headphone plug with a lighting cable, which would make customers able to listen to music while charging their phone more comfortable. However, it’s important for fans to remember that the wireless listening device it’s currently in its early stages as the product has a few bugs to fix before launching.

It’s safe to believe that fans will have to wait until the unveiling of the iPhone 7 to know for sure if the headphone plug will be replaced with a magnetic detachable input or a lighting cable.

Source: Apple Insider