Recent announcements given at a Data Driven conference by the computer giant Microsoft on Thursday claim the company will drift from Oracle’s database systems for its own.

This week of announcements by the company giant has showed promise as Microsoft recently joined the Eclipse project and open-sourced some plug-in code.

Among the statements given by Microsoft during the New York City event, it was also noticed that SQL Server would now be available for Linux, as well as it will provide a range of Android apps. With this, the company expects to project a new image of the brand picturing the Microsoft as a community member in both Linux and Android devices.

Photo: Windows Central
Photo: Windows Central

The computer giant is also focused on offering a wide range of developer technologies in order to gain customer’s attention, as it provides more customization. The company’s statement declares Microsoft’s commitment to showing customers that SQL Server leads the industry on security, performance, and price.

While users are now required to migrate from Oracle, Microsoft intends to give free SQL Server licenses in order for users to drift to the company’s own database system. Although free is not a term Microsoft users are really accustomed to, as this would be the first time for the company to offer free SQL licenses.

Nothing is for ‘free’

‘Too good to be true’ is the saying that can be applied here, as users will have to commit to a three-year contract and pay for maintenance. And even though is not literally, for free, it shows aggressiveness towards its competitors and will surely generate a response from Oracle Database customers.

The SQL Server announced by Microsoft includes new features such as the support for in-memory columnar analytics in comparison with the Oracle’s database systems. In addition, the new SQL Server is presumed to be 30 times faster than the model launched two years ago as well as 100 times faster for analytic queries.

Now, Microsoft is determined to offer customers with a reliable security system. The newly SQL Server 2016 counts with the support of Always Encrypted, a feature that protects data both at rest and in motion, said Constellation Research VP and principal analyst Doug Henschen.

Customers can try the preview release of the SQL Server running on Linux before it’s generally available for public and see for themselves if it differs greatly from Oracle. The launch is intended to take place at midyear of 2017.

Source: Info World