Los Angeles, Staple Center – On his final NBA game, Kobe Bryant took everyone by surprise as he scored 60 points with 50 shots against Utah Jazz. On what can only be described as a flawless performance for the retiring legend from Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe lead his team to a tight win over Utah with 101 over 96 at the Staple Center in LA.

Bryant left everything he had on the court on Wednesday night as he rained down long shots from the start of the game all the way through the fourth quarter. It’s worth mentioning that retiring legend Kobe Bryant dressed up for the occasion as he was filmed walking into the stadium wearing all black, courtesy of ESPN.

Kobe Bryant shares a few words after winning his final NBA game against the Utah Jazz team 101-96 with 60 points credited to Kobe alone. Credit: FootWearNews
Kobe Bryant shares a few words with the fans at the Staple Center after winning his final NBA game against the Utah Jazz team 101-96 with 60 points credited to Kobe alone. Credit: FootWearNews

The very own Magic Johnson, who gave an emotional speech before the game started, received Kobe on the court. His performance outmatched every single retired NBA player as Kobe went out with an impressive 60 points on his final game, considered an all-times first in the NBA. There’s no doubt Los Angeles Lakers are going to miss their lead player, as the game was filled with emotion from fans and Kobe as well.

In between scoring amazing 3-pointers and helping run the offense, Bryant was seen saluting the fans and even greeting some of the media crewmembers. The legendary NBA player for the LA Lakers got plenty of support from the fans last night at the Staple Center, as they didn’t stop cheering for Kobe. And even if it wasn’t Kobe’s last NBA game, his performance was worthy of constant applauses and shouting from fans all the way throughout the game.

Although Utah Jazz also stepped up its game playing against the retiring star player, it didn’t stand a chance considering Kobe was leaving everything he had on his last game. Along the fans in the stands on Wednesday night, big celebrities including Jay-Z, Snoop Dog and Jack Nicholson were seen enjoying Kobe’s final game.

Kobe is out with a bang

During the first two quarters of the game Kobe was running his own game, as nothing seemed to be able to stop him. He was later filmed as he greeted also legendary Shaquille O’Neal, dubbed as the Shaq, as they also shared some words. Also during the game, Twitter got plenty of support and admiration for Kobe, as fans didn’t stop tweeting through the whole game.

Legend Kobe Bryant surely retired while he was on the top of his career, with a win over the Utah Jazz, who showed to be a worthy opponent for the LA Lakers. After the game ended with 101 for the Lakers giving them the victory against Jazz, Kobe reunited along with his family and fans at the center of the court to celebrate. The game marked the end of Kobe’s famed trajectory in the NBA, and the LA Lakers have a challenging task ahead of them to find a player who can step up in Kobe Bryant’s place.

Source: ESPN