Facebook has announced at the F8 developers conference taking place in San Francisco, that a team of developers is currently working on a new artificial intelligence (AI) software that will be able to tag friends in videos in an automatically service.

The Facebook Developer Conference is an annual gathering for the facebook developer community. In which the company announces their new integrations, technologies and latest immersive experiences for their users.

Joaquin Quiñonero Candela is director of Applied Machine Learning at Facebook.
Credit: Fortune

The 2016 F8 involved around 40 sessions with new product announcements, in where the team announced the new video tagging feature.

A better and easier tagging experience for the customers

A new feature will be added to the Facebook platform, users will be able to activate an auto-tagging feature for the uploaded videos. The new feature is based on a artificial intelligence software, created by the company.

The video tagging feature will allow users to search people in the video and when tagging a friend in the video the AI software will allow the user to fast-forward to the frame in which the friend appears.

The announcement was made by Facebook’s director of applied machine learning, Joaquin Quiñonero Candela who assured the idea of the feature was to search for friends in any videos they have shared in their newsfeed.

This comes as an upgrade to the full facial-recognition the website already has in which users can enable the automatic friend tag for photos.

“You can imagine us building image search on steroids. Think of what Google Photos lets you do, but think of what Facebook’s implementation would look like” said Joaquin Quiñonero Candela at the conference.

The company is also working in a new technology that will allow an automatic caption generator based on the words said on the video.

Artificial Intelligence ruling social media

Other web companies have also started to work with AI software for a better use in their platforms.

Google, Microsoft and Apple have all started to develop A.I machine learning software to identify photos, videos, and objects.

Facebook has published academic papers while performing their discoveries in this new intelligence.

Source: VentureBeat