The University of Southern Carolina announced NFL hall of fame, Lynn Swann, is going to replace Pat Haden as the new athletic director on July 1. The decision came directly from the board which chose the ex-Trojan from a group of 200 aspirants. However, sports fans and specialists are not thrilled about the new AD.

Creditors after Lynn Swann’s personal fortune in Caesars collapse. Credit: New York Post

There is nothing wrong with Mr. Swann. He led a successful career with the Trojans and at the professional league with the Pittsburgh Steelers. After retiring, he became a prominent figure in the broadcasting booth with ABC participating in important events, such as the Sugar Bowl, the Winter Olympics, and others. He also is a successful businessman and a political figure since George W. Bush named him the Chairman of the United States President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 2002. He ran for governor and continues to appear here and there at political rallies.

“To his new role, Lynn Swann will bring the heart and soul of a Trojan,” said USC President Max Nikias. “He shares our profound dedication to combining academic excellence with athletic excellence.”

With such a professional record why are the fans and sports reporters going down so hard on the issue? Well, he has no experience as an athletic director, but if you look at his story, you might think he has what it’s needed to do great at it. But, does he?

USC is famous for keeping things in the family. Even though the university has had a lot of success with directors who had no relationship with it, the executive board continues to choose ex – Trojans to play key positions in their organization. But so far, things have not gone as planned. The lack of experience of previous athletic directors have led the USC through an irregular path of ups and downs, from somewhat minor achievements to alcohol public scandals.

The USC clearly wants to reclaim past glories and it wants to do it with one of their own in charge, which makes things much more difficult. But what are the specific duties of an AD? Well, everybody knows that opening new stadiums, hiring coaches and hosting fundraising events are important. In that aspect, Mr. Swann seems to be the perfect choice for the job, but there is so much more to it. The day to day paperwork, the meetings, dealing with coaches, etc. Which makes it very different from running a private company.

Fans and students alike can only hope for things to work out and there is no doubt Lynn Swann is going to give it all, but for some things, talent without experience is just not enough.

Source: USC Trojans