NEW YORK – Ivanka Trump, US President-elect Donald Trump‘s daughter, is sewing a $100 million apparel line in Asian nations like China and Vietnam. The fashion project expectations ranges from making coats in New York’s Garment District to become a manufacturer of global scope.

Ivanka`s whole initiative has sparked discussion once again on the subject of manufacturing apparel in the U.S. That sector is suffering from the lack of the large-scale garment manufacturing infrastructure.

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Going against dad?

Casually enough, Donald Trump`s campaign highlighted high interest in reviving U.S. manufacturing and bring jobs back from industries of other countries. Trump caught media and general public attention when he made clear he was willing to get into negotiations with Carrier to get a plant in Indianapolis to stay in the nation and not leaving to Mexico as they had initially planned to.

“They get the jobs, they get the factories, they get the cash and all we get – we get illegal immigration, and we get drugs,” he said at a rally held at n Greensboro, North Carolina.

The brand by Ivanka Trump has assured it is intended to become part of the conversation about increasing U.S. production. It is an especially delicate topic since its being decreasing by 37 percent since the 70s, an aspect that took a big part of the recent presidential elections conversation.

The first obstacle is the offer of cheap labor internationally, that has been taking down costs for companies and trained consumers.

G-III is the company doing the brand’s physical work, and is also a great example of industries that started out in The United States and are now used to give employment overseas. It was founded around 70 years ago by Aron Goldfarb who came all the way from Bialobrzegi, Poland, after surviving the Holocaust, to New York.

He first started out in a job cutting leather. Time passed, and on 1989 the company became publicly traded and ended out being one of the very first apparel companies to import winter coats from South Korea.

In 2012,  G-III, whose representatives didn’t respond to requests for comment, revealed to be joining forces with Ivanka Trump’s IT Apparel II company. They also licensed her name on upcoming dresses, underwear and activewear for young women. The merchandise generates an estimated $100 million in sales.

Not a friendly outcome

This all propelled the rage of protesters, especially Republicans, because Donald Trump always kept a dialog line of stopping labor for going overseas, but his daughter established her workforce outside of American borders. Vigils and furious chants stay on outside her New York home. Stores selling the brand items have got vengeful actions and criticism as well.

What could be stopping the president-elect daughter from moving her business to the United States land, is the increase in costs and the effect it could have on sales. Diverse media outlets and White House personalities are already deeming her as one of the most influential first daughters in US history and comparing her to people like Alice Roosevelt Longworth.

There appears to be blending issues between her and her brand. First, they separated Twitter accounts and more clear yet, she confirmed the misunderstandings last month in a 60 Minutes interview, after she was criticized for wearing a diamond and gold bracelet from her brand, both estimated to cost around $10,800. Viewers took it as an attempt to market her products brutally. She apologized afterward and said the brand was going through a readjustment process.

Another high-profile detractor is Faye Wattleton, the former president of Planned Parenthood.

“It’s easy to talk about self-help when you have access to the best medical care in the world by your birth. It’s not so easy when you can’t earn a living wage, and you have children to support,” said Wattleton in a press interview.

A first daughter to be reckoned with

Ivanka has built a reputation for herself of being diligent and somewhat ambitious, according to multiple sources. She and her husband, Jared Kushner, were the key advisors to Trump during his campaign. She has also held meetings and hearings with various sectors, from everyone to political advisers, job seekers, foreign leaders, real estate developers and even Leonardo DiCaprio.

The academy award winning actor, reunited with Ivanka in private and gave her a copy of his climate change documentary, Before the Flood. Once again, a matter very discussed on her father`s campaign, who cataloged it as “a hoax.”

Among Ivanka’s projects are a New York Times best-selling self-help memoir, a jewelry line and guest appearances on her father’s show The Apprentice.

Source: Press Herald