Apple’s new iPad Pro, was one of the main devices presented at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Regarding to its high price, the iPad Pro could be a lift up option for the entire market, helping other hardware makers such as Microsoft, Dell, to name a few.

Apple’s iPad Pro

Apple emphasized in making the usual Ipad, a mind blowing experience. Its screen size is almost the same size as a Macbook Pro 13 inch display, and for what’s more delightful it weighs much less than the laptops.

Also, the processor and display included in the device are way superior than many well-known laptops. These new features that the Ipad Pro is offering, turn the nut away from what Steve Job’s first had in mind when developing the initial Ipad. It was primely destinated to read, watch and listen. While now is mainly focused on using it to create, edit and calculate, like a work machine.

The iPad Pro has a resolution of 2732 x 2048, which is 5.6 million pixels — more than any iOS device and higher than the MacBook Pro with Retina display. It can use the new ‘smart’ keyboard which connects via ports. Photo: Miguel Helft

According to some experts in hardware, the new features of the iPad Pro, including its precise pencil and the new keyboard, will be sold in separate ways in November,  which can make the Ipad Pro a better option for industries such as construction and healthcare. It’s a device that facilitates the work due to its reasonable size of screen that functions better while working than a smartphone device. Phil Schiller from Apple said “It can do things that a smartphone doesn’t do because it doesn’t have to sit in your pocket.”

Experts’ opinions

Moreover, the Vice President and principal analyst at consulting Forrester Research Inc, J.P Gownder, said that despite the fact that Apple had announced a deal with Cisco, it wasn’t going to be of much help since the high price of the iPad Pro stop it from being the device of choice inside the business.

“Companies have invested lots of money into legacy software not available or not effective in iOs. That’s going to make it very challenging to move your workforce to the new device.” Gownder added that “the decision took by Dell this week to sell and provide technical support for the Surface Pro 3 to business will further turbocharge the energy around the iPad Pro’s Windows based-rivals.”

According to analysts, Microsoft pro line of big tablets is catching on in  the market, and as people gossips about the new iPad Pro and about wanting to buy one for work, most technology managers from corporates could be forced to give the Surface or newly announced competitors from Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo a second look.

The research director for tablets at International Data Corporation, also said that “The iPad Pro is a refresh for my old iPad and refresh for my laptop. It might be a way to not get both.”

Nevertheless, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook called the new iPad Pro “the most capable tablet the company has ever created.”

iPad Pro Prices

A 32GB model cost $799, while a 128GB version is priced at $949. If you want to buy LTE the only option is the 128GB model that would cost $1,079. Also, you have to pay for the precise pencil and the keyboard, $99 and $169, respectively.

Source: Los Angeles Times