Sports betting is a very enjoyable pastime for millions of people around the world. There is no pressure to win, and people place bets for fun, winning is simply a bonus on top of that.

How to Take Your Sports Betting Seriously and Make a Profit

But what if you wanted to start taking things a little more seriously, in a bid to make a profit from your betting?

There are certain steps you can take to make this a possibility, although of course, the actual profit depends on both your sporting knowledge and ability to pick winners and your betting knowledge, which involves staking correctly, placing the right bet types, and betting with the right bookmakers.

Here we have three big tips for those looking to take things a little more seriously, if you implement these into your betting then you certainly give yourself more chance of winning against the bookmakers.

Create a Results Spreadsheet

One of the things you can do to try and make a profit while betting is to cut down on the number of bets you place, especially if these are on sports you have little knowledge of.

However, you cannot really do this without stats and facts to back up your decision, which is where your results spreadsheet will come into play.

This can be your bible, look back over time and work out where you are making a profit and more importantly, where you are losing money.

If you can cut out a losing sport then you can make a change to your betting, increase your overall profit and loss and do it all without actually backing any more winners.

You can look at this to change any aspect of your betting, it may be cutting out a league such as the Premier League in football, or a full sport altogether, such as tennis bets on the ATP Tour.

Implement a Staking Plan

This is all about ensuring that your bets are all the same and equal to each other, regardless of when you place them.

There are many ways you can implement a staking plan, but if you have never done this before then go with something that is very simple.

This means simply staking every single bet you place in the same way. Whether you have won 10 in a row, lost 20 in a row, are placing your first bet of the month or your last, the stake must stay the same.

Many people choose a sport and betting as their entertainment source, but if you want to take things a little more seriously then these are the kind of changes you need to make to move things forward.

Spread Your Bets Around

People have their own favorite bookmakers, which is fine when you are betting for fun. However, when you are wanting to take things a little more seriously, you need to think about where you place your bets.

Bookmakers such as those listed on all have their positives and from time to time, they will all have a great offer or the best odds waiting for you. These are things you should seek out before placing your bets.

If you have access to multiple betting accounts, then you can choose the right account for the right bet all the time. This will ensure no profit is left behind, this may only seem like a small amount at the time you place your bet but will add up if you do it on a regular basis over the year.

Give yourself access to everything that will help you by using multiple bookmakers.