If you have children around, you naturally want to make your home a safer place for them. But there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t want to make your own home safer for yourself and other adults too. There are so many things in your home that, without thinking of safety first, can cause harm to someone. Here are a few easy ways for you to make your home a safer place for everyone.

How Can You Keep the Home Safe for You and Your Family?

No more standing on chairs to reach tall shelves

When you are trying your best to reach something that is on a tall shelf, you usually reach for a chair or stool to help boost you up so you can grab it. This is something that starts when you are young, and it is a habit that will continue on throughout your entire life. In order to handle things in a safer manner, you should have a sliding ladder installed in your home. You can place it wherever you have things sitting on unreachable shelves. This will make things a lot safer for you and your kids when you are trying to reach for something in a high place.

Don’t put breakable or heavy things up in high places

When you have heavy things hanging above your head, there is always a chance that it could fall down on top of you or a child that is walking by. Even if you aren’t trying to reach for it, and you never even touched the shelf that is holding the heavy or breakable item, it could fall down. You never know when something is going to shift and cause a disturbance causing the item to fall. It is rare that you or your child would be standing underneath it when it falls, but it is a lot safer for everyone if you leave the heavier stuff on the bottom shelves.

Use outlet power strips instead of plugging things directly into the wall

To prevent the shock of plugging something into your wall outlet, try using a power strip instead. This is often called a surge protector and the point of it is to keep you and your electronics safe from large bursts of energy that are coming from the outlets that you use daily. They are less likely to catch on fire, they are a lot safer for kids, and they can save your electronics from getting zapped during an electrical storm. This is a good investment for you and your kids since it can still remain playing games or watching TV during a storm when you have one of these plugged into the wall as a third-party power source.

Put rugs over hard flooring wherever you can

When you have wooden floors or hard flooring in general, you want to make sure that you have a rug wherever a rug can look most appropriate in your home. You want to have one in the living room, in all bedrooms, and in hallways near stairs. The reason for this is to prevent as much sliding around as possible. This is extremely important for a family that is always wearing socks at home, you will be sliding nonstop if you don’t put at least a few rugs down.

Make sure that you always have a bath mat in the bathroom and in the kitchen

On the topic of sliding around, you want to make sure that you have a bath mat, with good traction and grip, in both your bathroom and kitchen. If you spill water on the floor when you are doing the dishes, the bath mat is there to catch all of it so that you don’t slip, and so someone else doesn’t walk in and slip since they don’t know that the water is there.

For the bathroom, you need a bath mat so that you are always safe and standing on something sturdy when getting out of the bathtub or shower. If you don’t like the idea of something sitting under the bathtub and shower collecting water, place a towel over the bath mat when you are using it so that the mat never actually gets wet, the towel does. This will save you from having to clean the mat as often, and it gives more protection.