The pandemic crisis certainly has affected so many people that survival has literally become a challenge. Some people had even started with their business back in 2020 and the pandemic stuck. It eventually resulted in not just the loss but also quite a long pause. The issues associated with the pandemic crisis itself are not a problem but solving them has become a challenge too. However, all entrepreneurs have been facing so much trouble that they don’t really know what approach needs to be followed to get the customers again. That is why listed are some business tools for the post-Covid entrepreneur tools that can help them pace up their business again.

Business Tools for The Post-COVID Entrepreneur
Humphrey Muleba


It is cloud software that consists of a database, spreadsheets, and even business API. It allows creating your own custom work tool while collaborating with the team. This software is available in different plans out of which the free economy plan for 3 months is the affordable one. Besides, it gives free access to Non-profits supporting C-19 relief efforts and NGOs for a lifetime. This can be a great tool for business development consulting to start at the initial level.

Remote-Working Tools

There are different remote working tools that can contribute to the success of the business. There is no doubt that everyone is experiencing temperamental changes. But with remote working tools and SaaS applications, the ongoing projects can have a better way for accomplishment. Such applications can work as the funding platform for different business operations and contribute to better productivity too.


This is another efficient business tool that entrepreneurs can use post covid 19 pandemic crises. This software is designed for the team who work on different projects and frequently needs to be in touch for a response, research, and mitigation too. The plans can different from free to paid ones depending on the usage. The teams that are interested can email the special address for getting such a set-up done. It is a great platform, to begin with, remote collaboration.

Social Media Tools:

The trend of social media has gained quite a lot, especially during the pandemic situation. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are on high ranking due to wide usage. If the entrepreneurs have their own business advisory firm a social media presence is needed especially after pandemic crises. To have an account on platforms like Millennials and Gen Z can be quite beneficial. But it is important to understand that such a platform could be quite an overwhelming place. It is important to be aware of tools such as:

  • Ad standards
  • Analytical tools
  • Engagement metrics
  • Social media optimization.


Another beneficial business tool to consider is Comcast. Right from free Xfinity Wi-Fi and with hotspots even for those who are non-Xfinity subscribers, Comcast offers amazing services. In order to access the service, check the “xfinitywifi” network name in the hotspots list.


For the new entrepreneurs to track the employees can now be simpler with LogMeIn. This is free sitewide with licenses for around 3 months of the voice conferencing platform. It is best for the organizations such as Healthcare providers, municipalities, and educational institutions to name some.

Graphic Design & Branding tools:

The companies that are into the branding of graphic design must focus well on visually appealing ideas especially when they want to display them at a job fair. Using design and graphics, the idea can creatively reach many people. However, it must be well designed right from each symbol, color, and even icon that is chosen. That is why business tools like Awwwards, Coolors, and cultural finesse. IconFinder can be of great help.


This is a video recording and sharing tool that can be used for free of cost. For those businessmen providing service to educational institutes or starting with a new one, can certainly go for such an option. There is no recording limit in the free plan and the price is also affordable.


In case there are any emergency text alert services to be used then EZtexting is the right option. The service includes receiving 100,000 free outgoing text messages in the subscription for 6 months. Besides, there is also access to the coronavirus message templates set given.


All the businessmen who are now starting with the business with complete enthusiasm must have this tool. It offers free and unlimited licenses to those companies that got an impact on coronavirus all across the world. This tool can be used as a cloud-based video collaboration platform.


Workhuman is one efficient tool that can help in mitigating the isolation during the disruption of Covid 19. This is one amazing software that gives a platform of motivating the employees to build a healthy relationship with trust and thus foster better creativity and innovation with collaboration.


This is one such software that many people use to date. Whether it is home access free of the cost needed or the creative apps presented by clouds, adobe is the answer for all. It brings 90-day access for web conferencing through Adobe Connect


This tool consists of two months of business plan in which the team members can get unlimited access and let them even do the predictive work while being focused on the location no matter from where they are working. The tool emits a background sound that helps to cover up the distracting house and this gives the employees a personal sound for being focused and calm. This certainly can be the best tool that entrepreneurs can have for their employees.


Those who have just started with a website or planning to launch can make complete use of GoDaddy. This is a free version of website and marketing where an entrepreneur can build a website using the best marketing tools. It can contribute to generating income at a faster pace which is quite important in the covid crises. Besides being a free tool, entrepreneurs can publish the site with many pages. Along with other services like email marketing, social media tools, and PayPal is also available.


Autodesk gives some magnificent tools such as AutoCAD, 360 Docs, BIM 360 design, and fusion team to name some. These are best for commercial use and can bring the team together irrespective of the location. Since post covid 19, still, there are many states where lockdown is imposed. It is important to make sure the productivity of the employees doesn’t get hampered at any point in time and that is why Autodesk can be of great support. It brings all those tools that an efficient entrepreneur should be using to coordinate and communicate with the team all the time.

Whether the business is small-sized or medium-sized, a budget can always be the problem. But along with that comes to manage the money as well. That is why is the best source to get different tools that can help in generating the invoices, sending, or recovering the payments, managing the flow of cash, and even automating the bills to be processed. Since post covid, things can be quite tougher, and to have an accountant taking care of bills and invoices could be not the right time, for now, that is when such a tool can be a blessing.


No doubt that start-up can be quite an exciting experience. But the challenging time of Covid also has not gone away. It is rather the best scope to begin a business with a limited budget as the competitors’ risk is low too. But to make the journey a huge success, there are some efficient business tools needed. These tools can help in achieving the goals and figuring out the right way to sustain in the market too.