The famed TV comedian Garry Shandling passed away on Thursday afternoon due to unspecified reasons. He was 66 years old. After paramedics responded to the medical emergency call and were able to get Shandling to a hospital in the nick of time, the comedian was confirmed dead by Los Angeles Police Department Officer Rosario Herrera.

As far as it was publicly known, Shandling didn’t suffered from any severe disease neither was known for being a man with excessive vices, so the causes of his death are yet to be identified by the pertinent authorities. His death comes as a shock to many of his fans, as the famed comedian relied on his characteristic unconfident humor to make audiences laugh, and even examine themselves for insecurities.

Garry Shandling, the influential comedian, writer, actor and producer whose biting wit was always lurking right behind a winning smile, has died, Mashable confirmed Thursday. He was 66. Credit: Mashable

The comedian mostly known for the TV’s hit show ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ leaves a noticeable legacy with his long-life career. Garry Shandling was without a doubt one of the most influential comedians of the current generation of comedy-based actors as he improved his performances with self-aware comedy as well as groundbreaking shows.

According to a report from CNN, celebrities such as Ricky Gervais expressed their lost, including a post by Gervais on Twitter showing his respects to his family and memory.

Shandling performed in infinite numbers of television shows as well as some appearance on the big screen, he even appeared on the recently released Marvel production, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He was no stranger to appear as a cameo on movies such as Iron Man 2 and Zoolander neither, as he’s considered a versatile actor who enjoyed nothing more than making audiences laugh.

Going back to his roots, Shandling moved to Los Angeles almost 50 years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a paid comedian. And thanks to his talent when writing comedy, he quickly started as a staff writer for sitcoms like Sanford and Son.

On later years, Shandling made a name for himself on the Tonight Show with legendary host Johnny Carson. He’s also remembered by hosting the Grammy Awards in multiple occasions and later on he got to present the primetime Emmys.

Source: Hollywood Reporter