With unlikely precedents for the event, a man will have his day in court after he was arrested in North Carolina for an overdue VHS rental check-in. The arrested man identified as James Meyer was pulled over early on Tuesday for not having his taillight functioning, only to discover he had a warrant out for his arrest.

Impressively enough for Meyers, the warrant was based on a missed copy of the VHS movie “Freddy Got Fingered” that he rented back in 2001 and never returned. As the man was pulled over when he was taking his daughter to school, and the most severe punishment he expected was a ticket, the police officer escorted him to his daughter’s school and later handcuffed him to take him into custody.

VHS unreturned
A man was arrested in North Carolina for an unreturned VHS from 2001. Credit: ABC 13

Considering the humor on being arrested for not returning a VHS movie from a store that isn’t even working anymore, the police officer allowed Meyers to go to work after leaving his daughter in school, find a babysitter to then turn himself into the Concord Police Department. Once he was taken into custody, Meyers was accounted with the charge of “failure to return hired property,” and then was taken to the Cabarrus County jail, according to a report from ABC.

However, the case presents a serious issue for James Meyers, as he can’t afford himself to be kept away from his daughter. Meyers’ appearance in front of the court is scheduled for April 27 on the count of failing to return the comedy starring renowned comedian Tom Green.

Unreturned VHS tapes is a serious offense

Unfortunately for James, failing to return rental property is considered a Class 3 misdemeanor in North Carolina. The sentence for which includes a fine of up to $200, or can even be complied with community service. When the main actor of the movie responsible for Meyers’ arrest, Tom Green realized what had happened, he immediately posted a comment on his twitter account.

On Wednesday night, Meyers received a call at the Cabarrus County jail from Green in order to help him by paying the fine if it doesn’t reach stunning amounts.

The comedian who’s currently on tour in Australia said he was happy to support fans of his work, and considering James Meyers had the movie for over a decade without returning it, Tom Green checks out Meyers as a spirited fan. Green added to the report fro the Daily News that he would obviously pay the $200 fine, just for the principle of the thing.

Source: NY Daily News