Sweden – Camera making company Hasselblad celebrated its seventy-five years in the business with a full year of new products, which range from their flagship medium format cameras to the True Zoom add-on for the Motorola Moto Z-Droid.

Two new cameras and a new camera design concept were unveiled at the Photokina 2016 trade fair in Cologne, Germany — and they’re the last of the 4116 collection.

Hasselblad is celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary with a full year of new products. Photo credit: Imaging Resource
Hasselblad is celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary with a full year of new products. Photo credit: Imaging Resource

This anniversary includes the release of the H6D camera, with the price tag of about twenty-three thousand dollars in Amazon, which is the updated model for the company’s SLR medium format.

Following in its footsteps is the new, mirrorless medium format X1D camera, which still hasn’t been released, and is highly anticipated, with good enough pre-sales to leave people waiting until 2017 to get their hands on one, if they have not pre-ordered yet.

The rest of the 4116 Anniversary Collection

Other products in the 4116 collection include the previously mentioned Moto Mod “True Zoom,” compatible with the Moto Z. Designed by Hasselblad and Motorola, it offers 10x optical zoom, Xenon flash, and a physical shutter.

The company also collaborated with Swedish accessories brand Sandqvist to create stylish and functional special edition camera bags. The three bags were launched at the Photokina fair this September.

Another notable collaboration was the exchange of information between Hasselblad and Swiss camera maker ALPA. The two companies shared technical information and their expertise in the field, allowing ALPA cameras to integrate better with Hasselblad products, such as their digital backs and HC/HCD lenses.

Inspired by their Hasselblad V Camera, the V1D is a square format and modular camera, with a fully customizable body: all four sides contain modules, with the left and right sides dedicated to controls and grips, and the back and top for accessories, displays, and viewfinders.

This unique version of the already highly anticipated XD1 mirrorless medium format camera a leather hand strap, a stylish and elegant all black finish, a leather hand strap, a 45mm lens, and an extended three-year warranty.

About Victor Hasselblad AB

Victor Hasselblad AB, generally just known as Hasselblad, is a Swedish manufacturer of photographic equipment and supplies.

The company was founded seventy-five years ago — in 1841 — in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was established by Fritz Wiktor Hasselblad as a trading company, with the photographic division started by his son, Arvid Viktor Hasselblad.

After the massive success found after becoming the sole distributor of Eastman Kodak’s products in 1888, the photographic efforts being spun off into their company, Fotografiska AB.

During this time, Arvid’s son Victor showed a great understanding of the camera business and was sent to Dresden, Germany — the then world center of the optics industry.

After working on various photography endeavors across Europe and the United States, Victor returned home to the family business, but disputes within the family made him leave and start his photography store and lab,  Victor Foto.

He took control of the family business in 1942, producing military cameras, watch and clock parts during World War II. Is not until after the war when Victor would realize his ambition of making high-quality cameras for civilians, and it was in 1957 with the release of the 500 C that the company hit its stride.

Variants of the 500 C would be produced until 2013. Modified Hasselblad cameras would be the ones that took most of the pictures of the Apollo mission when men first landed on the Moon.

Source: PC Magazine