New York City authorities arrested on Monday Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man that is believed to be responsible for the explosion in Chelsea and New Jersey. Rahami was taken into custody by law enforcement after being wounded for firing a gun at a police officer, according to initial reports.

The suspect was arrested in Linden New Jersey, a small town next door to Elizabeth, where Rahami and his family lived. Authorities attended the location after a neighbor reported the 28-year old suspect sleeping at the entrance of a closed bar. Before the arrest, police officers had sent a large text message alerting residents of Rahami’s presence. Christian Bollwage, Elizabeth’s Mayor, informed Rahami was arrested after being involved in a shooting with authorities.

NY, NJ, Bomb suspect
Ahmad Khan Rahami is arrested in NJ. Image credit: Ed Murray, AP.

According to initial reports, a police officer approached the sleeping suspect and woke him up as he asked him to raise his hands. Rahami shot the officer in the abdomen and shortly after the police officer returned fire.

Capt. James Sarnicki from Linden’s Police Department informed that the police officer was wearing his safety vest and doesn’t present any major injuries. Rahami ran after firing his gun and began shooting vehicles on the street, what initiated a gunfight between officers and the suspect.

“They have apprehended him he has been injured. They shot him,” said Derek Armstead, Linden’s mayor, who also informed another officer had been wounded in the hand and that the suspect received several shots before authorities got to him.

Suspect in custody 

Police authorities managed to take Rahami down after the gunfight took place on a rainy Monday morning. Videos and pictures of the suspect bleeding and being placed on an ambulance surfaced on the Internet shortly after.

The man had a wound on his shoulder, his shirt was placed over his head and had blood on his face. He was later strapped into an ambulance by authorities and was shaking his head, said Los Angeles Time.

Rahami was easily identified by authorities on a surveillance video recorded in Manhattan, where the explosion occurred. Police officers believe he is also responsible for the New Jersey incident and his fingerprints have been linked to a backpack full of explosives on Elizabeth.

Authorities have informed that they are no longer looking for any more suspects and investigations on Rahami must be made. On Sunday night, authorities responded to a suspicious backpack located near a train station in Elizabeth that contained five pipe bombs.

To neutralize the bombs, authorities used a robot to cut the wires, but reports inform that the robot accidentally picked the wrong wire causing one of the bombs to explode around 12:30 p.m. No injuries were reported.

“There is no other individual that we are looking for at this time, but vigilance is called for. It is very important that if anybody sees an unattended package, they should call it in,” said Bill de Blasio, New York’s Mayor.

About Ahmad Khan Rahami

Rahami is a 28-year old Elizabeth resident that was born on January 23, 1988, in Afghanistan but raised as a U.S citizen, according to authorities. Mr. Rahami lived with his family in a building above the family’s restaurant called First American Fried Chicken.

According to neighbors, the restaurant had been managed by Muhammad Rahami, the suspect’s father, and his brothers for over ten years. The business was located in a zone of town that sees a lot of immigrants.

According to some local business owners, the Rahamis were not that social with the community in the market. The family had a previous history with the police. A few years ago, one of Ahmad’s brother had a confrontation with a police officer and was arrested.

The family’s restaurant also had an encounter with the law after neighbors complained about it being opened all night and having loud people in the area. A local court ordered the restaurant to close at 10 p.m, but the family called it a case of racism and sued the state.

Ahmad Rahami had been raised as a legal U.S citizen and had only traveled once to his home country, but according to The New York Post, he became more radical after his trip. Authorities have not yet linked the suspect to Al Qaeda or other terrorist association.

Authorities will release more information on Rahami’s case as the investigation unfolds.

Source: The New York Times