SAN MATEO, California – Apple designer Daniel Coster will be joining the company giant GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) effective at the end of this month as it announced its new addition to the company’s team on Wednesday. According to The Information, Coster will take over the company’s design department and will begin as its Vice President.

The veteran from the tech company giant has worked with Apple for decades, which makes him a valuable asset for GoPro’s Design department. Even though Coster’s expertise will surely provide the high-definition maker with a revamp of the brand’s design, Apple’s industrial designer will still have to report to the founder and CEO of GoPro Nick Woodman, said the news release.

CEO and founder of GoPro, Nick Woodman on a photoshoot on 2013 for the release of the Hero 3 high definition camera. Credit: Photo by eric Millette for Forbes
CEO and founder of GoPro, Nick Woodman on a photoshoot on 2013 for the release of the Hero 3 high definition camera. Credit: Photo by Eric Millette for Forbes

While Coster’s naming as the VP of design for the company, rumors are that he’s also set to develop another project within GoPro. Moreover, the statements claiming Apple’s former designer will develop a new hardware design team inside GoPro still remain uncertain. Coster however, will surely make his work speak for it self as it has previously done over his career alongside Apple, which dates back as far as the 90s.

GoPro’s founder and CEO Nick Woodman said he had already met Daniel Coster about 15 years ago while he was on a trip testing the early stages of the GoPro. Woodman added that Danny’s incorporation to the design department would surely influence the company, according to The Information. Getting off to a great start with the inclusion of Coster, GoPro’s stock price increased up 16 percent in just one afternoon.

GoPro’s newest addition shows promise

Daniel Coster also expressed his excitement to join the design team at GoPro’s headquarters as he will bring a lot to the company’s image and will work both in hardware and software services offered by the company.

“Its brand and products inspire us to capture and share our lives’ most important moment,’ said new VP of GoPro’s Design Department Daniel Coster. “I’m excited to shape the future with the incredible team at GoPro.”

Nothing but excellent news for Woodman’s company considering it has been thriving over the course of 2016. What many people considered as a lack of practical management for GoPro made the company report it’s lowest revenue in comparison with last year’s report.

The high definition maker, famed for revolutionizing the way people can film their experiences, reported a 32 percent reduction on its revenue progressively over the years. This decrease in sales started taking its toll on the company as GoPro announced it would have to layoff about 7 percent of its employees earlier this year.

Source: The Verge