Toyota Motor Corp. (NYSE: TM) new concept car uBox has arrived at the hands of engineering students from Clemson University and could be a step towards next generation vehicles. The new car model concept named uBox features plenty of new approaches on adaptability, versatility and keeping the car’s design simple.

The electric car was unveiled at the SAE International 2016 World Congress and Exhibition showcase that took place earlier this week in Detroit. Moreover, the uBox concept car is rather unique, considering students made a low-cost electric vehicle without leaving technologic improvements behind.

Toyota’s new electric car, uBox, was presented at the SAE International 2016 World Congress and Exhibition showcase. Credit: Motor Trend

The main focal point of the concept car, at first sight, is the extended curved glass roof and windshield that allows both the driver and passengers to get a 360 degrees view. Also, the concept car dubbed uBox also has an interesting design, as the car features plenty of detachable parts such as the dashboard pieces, for example. This was made possible thanks to the student’s brilliant idea of 3D printing all the pieces they could, in order to make it easier for drivers to exchange a malfunctioning piece.

Toyota’s uBox concept car is an attempt to bring back the Scion brand from the automaker company giant. The concept car made by graduate engineering students is considered the successor of the Scion xB, which gave people to talk about when it was first released. Nevertheless, the new uBox car is set to carry on Toyota’s torch when it comes to innovating the car design and manufacturing.

uBox offers the driver and passengers a 360-view through an extended curve glass and windshield. Credit: Motor Trend

There’s no doubt that Toyota’s new concept car is set to change the way cars are built, considering the car achieved low costs in comparison to normal cars. Given that the uBox is built mainly out of carbon fabrics, it not only means the car can be manufactured faster and cheaper than most but also helps to reduce the car’s weight. And considering the car is all electric-powered, getting rid of unnecessary weight is a must in order to improve the car’s performance.

The uBox is set to impress

There’s an incredible amount of carbon fabrics in the design of the uBox, including its door panels, dashboard, rear hatch and even the car’s bumpers. According to the students who collaborated in the car’s design, this improves mechanical performance while giving the car a unique look.

The support for the curved glass roof and windshield is also made from carbon fiber and aluminum rails. The car is set to entice young crowds as well as independent people who want to be part of something new. The car also features mobile seats in order for drivers to arrange the space to fit in a bike, for example.

In addition, it also holds 110-volt power plugs inside the car as well as outside, which could be the major asset for the uBox concept car so far. This unique feature would allow passengers to work on their computers while driving while connected to the power source, or could help the driver charge his or her phone while driving.

The outside of the uBox seems nothing like cars from other automakers, and that could be a good thing considering it stands out from the rest. The concept car from Toyota is set to become a multi-functional car able to give drivers plenty of options besides driving. According to the automaker company giant Toyota, the uBox could be available in 2020 as the concept car still needs bugs to be fixed.

Source: Automotive News